20 Best Top Rated Cricket Games For Android

cricket games android

Cricket is one of the most popular games and has a huge fan base all around the world. People enjoy watching cricket because it provides a lot of entertainment. People want to play the best cricket games on their Android phones because the cricket fever isn’t over yet. However, android cricket games provide the same experience on best graphics and the same rules as in real-world cricket.

Isn’t it true that we all desired to be cricketers at some point in our lives? If you’re from the subcontinent, you’ll understand. However, we become busy with our work and do not have the time to play cricket on the field as we did as children, but our inner desire to play cricket never dies. As a result, we look for the finest best cricket games for Android to download and play.

So, when it comes to the best cricket games for Android devices, there are a lot of options on the Google Play Store. Additionally, some of the games on the list of best cricket games for android provide multiplayer mode. And also allowing you to play cricket with your friends and family.

List of the Best 20 Cricket Games Andriod

We’ve included all kinds of cricket games in our list of the top 20 best cricket games for Android, including IPL cricket games, test match cricket games, and t20 cricket games. However, all of the games on this list of cricket games for Android are popular and highly rated cricket games that are readily available on the Google Playstore.

  • World Cricket Championship 2
  • World Cricket Championship 3
  • Real Cricket 19
  • BigBash Cricket
  • World Cricket Battle
  • Real Cricket 20
  • Stick Cricket Live 2020
  • T20 Cricket Championship 3D
  • World of Cricket: Worldcup 2019
  • Smash Cricket
  • Stick Cricket Premium League
  • HW Cricket Game
  • Real Cricket Test Match
  • WWC Rivals
  • Epic cricket
  • Cricket Captain 2019
  • Beach cricket
  • Stick cricket super league
  • Doodle cricket
  • Gully cricket game


  • World Cricket Championship 2 For Android

WCC is one of the top best cricket games in the world. The World Cricket Championship game series is the best game among all of them. This game was released in 2015, and till now people download it and enjoy it a lot. This game has high-resolution graphics and is fully 3D. Single-player quick matches, tournaments, and career modes are all available. So, this game allows you to play Cricket in all of its forms.

The WCC2 game allows you to play many cricket formats in a variety of ways. This app comprises three main cricket formats. In this game, you can play ODIs, Tests, and T20s. Moreover, you have the choice of playing with one of 18 international cricketing national teams. You can represent yourself as a member of any country you desire. There are many venues available in the WCC game.

  • World Cricket Championship 3 for Android 

This game is one of the best Android cricket games. It’s also an upgraded version of World Cricket Championship 2, a popular cricket game. The graphics quality is the most significant difference between the two versions. And if you want a cricket game with outstanding graphics, the World Cricket Championship is an excellent choice. It has multiplayer features, and professional commentary, and animations.

The best feature about this cricket game is that it uses artificial intelligence to enhance the players’ playing experience and make the game more realistic and entertaining. WCC3 offers a lot of stadiums, lighting, and pitch settings to select from. You can also select from a variety of formats and tournaments, including the World Cup, Tri-Series, ODIs, Ashes, and Test Cricket. It has a lot of unique features, these features making it one of the best and most popular cricket games today.

  • Real Cricket 19 for Android

Real Cricket is a fantastic 3D gameplay that makes the players and their surroundings look real. This game features a real-time multiplayer mode in which you may establish a room and invite others to join you in a live match. However, every batsman in this game has their cricket shots and playing styles. Real Cricket features one of the most realistic 3D graphics among the best cricket games in the world. This cricket game for Android includes authentic live stadiums from Pune, Mumbai, Melbourne, Cape Town, London, Dubai, Wellington, and Kolkata, and many others. This Android cricket game also includes a unique feature called first-person perspective gaming, which allows you to play through the eyes of the player.

  • Big Bash Cricket for Android

Big Bash Cricket is a special T20 match. You should play Big Bash cricket if you want to get a taste of the T20 game. This game was built for T20 cricket. T20 cricket is becoming our new cricket format as time goes on. You’ll also be able to practice by participating in league matches. All types of events are available like Single-player rapid matches, tournaments, challenges, and live events. The graphics of the BigBash Cricket game are stunning. The game’s quality and aesthetics will leave you speechless. In Big bash cricket, the World Tour feature will also be available. You’ll play cricket all around the world on a world tour. Download BigBash cricket from the Google Play Store and engage yourself in the world of t20 cricket gaming.

  • World Cricket Battle for Android

If one-sided wins bore you, then try World Cricket Battle where you can play a very difficult game with the computer or play real-time multiplayer in a private room or with your friends to make the game more realistic. There are different options to play, such as career mode, auction mode, and multiple tournaments. What’s more, ultra-edge detection, Real-time weather changes, Net practices, Third umpire decision, players dressing room, D/L method win, Cold drink break, and other realistic features are also included. Each player has a unique physique and quality to make the game real. You can play the game if you want to see graphics, action, and gameplay.

  • Real Cricket 20 for Android

Real Cricket 20 is an updated game from Real Cricket 19. This edition keeps all of the previous version’s features, such as selecting your teams and choosing where you want to bowl. The features that are including in this game are Test cricket, stadiums with time progression, Decision Review System with Snicko and Hotspot, auctions, and post-match presentations.

You can buy players for your squad in the RCPL auction. This auction process is inspired by IPL. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of teams, purchase players, and test your cricketing talents. Each batsman is divided into four main groups: Defensive, Balanced, Radical, or Brute. If you’re looking for the most full gaming experience, this game is for you.

  • Stick Cricket Live 2020 for Android

Stick Cricket Live is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for the best multiplayer cricket game. Although, it is an online multiplayer game in which you are teamed with other players and must outscore your opponent in a live 1v1 cricket match. You can also unlock 3D stadiums from around the world. To further develop your squad, you can earn kitbags to unlock new bats and big players. You can compete against your Facebook friends, which is the coolest part. For cricket fans, this is one of the best games to play. So, download the stick cricket live 2020, play, and enjoy with your friends.

  • T20 Cricket Championship 3D for Android

T20 CC is the greatest option if you want to play the most recent version of cricket. This game was created specifically for T20 cricket. You can figure it out just by looking at the game’s name. T20 CricketChampionship3D is a great way to get a feel for the T20 game. T20 cricket is becoming our new cricket format as time goes on. Single-player rapid matches, tournaments, challenges, and live events are all available.

You’ll also be able to practice by participating in league matches. The T20 Cricket Championship 3D game has incredible graphics. The game’s quality and graphics will leave you speechless. There are different teams from which to choose. Three customizable settings will allow you to customize your Cricketing adventure. Moreover, this software allows you to modify your team and games. The World Tour feature will be available in this game. You’ll play cricket all around the world on a world tour. Download T20 Cricket Championship 3D from the google play store and enjoy every part of this game.

  • World of Cricket: Worldcup 2019 for Android

One of the best cricket games on Android is World of Cricket. It has a realistic bat and ball characteristics to make the cricketing experience more realistic. You can play a variety of modes as well as recruit and train your team. Quickplay, multiplayer, test match, and other tournaments such as the T 20 World Cup and others are among the modes available. You can also activate the hardcore difficulty mode if you want to make things harder.

  • Smashing Cricket for Android

Smashing Cricket is the best cricket game that you can play for free. With a single-player and infinite batting mode, it is one of the best offline cricket games for Android. It offers a variety of fantastic cricketing modes and tournaments, such as the world cricket championships and the World Cup. With the decision review system, it’s a simple and uncomplicated game to play. The game features realistic graphics and motion animations. Moreover, infinite batting mode allows you to bat for an unlimited time. You could play this for hours. So, download this best cricket game and enjoy yourselves.

  • Stick Cricket Premier League for Android

The next IPL season is coming, and you can be a part of it by playing the Stick Cricket Premier League game. This is one of the cricketing apps that everyone enjoyed it. However, the best thing about this game is that it is regularly updated, which enhances the performance and graphics that make the innovative gameplay. When it comes to batting games, you’ll be able can choose from different amazing styles to match your favorite player’s style, such as defensive, balanced, and many aggression shots that make cricket the best game in the world.

In stick cricket premier league, there are only two optical buttons for shot selection, so you don’t have to move your batsman or swipe the screen to play simple shots. The best way to win in this game is timing. This software is for people who hate bowling. In limited-overs, there is a goal that you must achieve.

  • HW Cricket Game for Android

HW cricket game 2018 is also fantastic. This game is perfect for people of different ages who appreciate cricket. On this app, you’ll be able to play cricket games with under 20 players. Single-player quick matches, tournaments, and career modes are all available. However, the game’s quality and graphics will leave you speechless. This game has a great realistic and engaging feel to it. The HW Cricket 18 game graphics are just amazing. Moreover, this game was designed specifically for T20 cricket. In this game, you’ll find a wide range of cricket tournaments, levels, and challenges.

  • Real Cricket Test match for Android

Real Cricket Test Match is for you if you like test matches than T20 and ODI cricket. You can choose from ten world-class international teams in this game. It includes simple and easy controls that make the game more enjoyable and user-friendly. Moreover, the vintage style and classic white kits are also used by both teams during test cricket matches, can be featured in Real Cricket Test Match. You take on the role of the chosen team’s caption. You also have complete control over team selection, bowling, and batting order.

  • WWC Rivals for Android

WCC Rivals, a new game in the popular WCC series. It provides a real-time multi-player gaming experience like Smash Cricket. You can play with real human opponents in batting and bowling innings. However, the gameplay and graphics are different. You’ll see a different style of control manual in WCC Rivals, which will give you a much better experience. Moreover, you can build your team and play to get to the top of the rankings by winning a match in real-time, and each play offers a different bonus.

  • Epic Cricket Game for Android

Epic cricket game is one of the best cricket games for Android. This cricket game with fantastic HD graphics and the option to play your favorite format in both ODI and T-20 formats The game’s realistic nature and graphics place it at the top of the list of the greatest cricket games for Android users. Moreover, you can experience a lot of batting and bowling techniques, such as helicopter shots, reverse sweeps, and googly, and many more. There is no actual money required to play this game, and the player’s ranks change with time. However, having other versions in-game could improve it such as career mode or multiplayer.

  • Cricket Captain 2019 for Android

For Android smartphones, one of the top cricket management simulation games. It allows you to choose from any of the major cricketing countries’ domestic leagues. However, it is a real-time strategy game for cricket fans in which you must choose a country from a list of options to start your career. You can employ players, manage their contracts, and create a team. It also includes a variety of teaching options, such as opener training, bowling technique training, and fielding training.

  • Beach Cricket for Android

One of the top cricket games for Android is Beach Cricket. For cricket fans who want to play on the beach while enjoying the beach. You have the option of playing a five-over or ten-over match. It’s a lightweight game with easy-to-understand controls. There are no big players to pick. Any player you can choose randomly. You can play cricket either with bowling or batting teams.

  • Stick Cricket Super Leaguefor Android

Here is a game in the style of stickman games, where you get a lot of fun as compared to gameplay. Most people like stick cricket games because of their funny cricket style and sound, which reminds me of my childhood, and if you want to experience the same, you should play them.

Apart from that, you can do a lot of activities here, including creating players, choosing teams, seeing stats, smashing sixes, and much more. Finally, if you want to have a lot of fun while playing cricket then this is the game for you.

  • Doodle Cricket for Android

This is a simple and relaxing game to play and inspired by the Google Doodle Cricket game. It’s a straightforward game with only one control that is hitting the ball. It’s a simple cricket game for mobile devices. It has dynamic camera angles and a realistic physics-based AI opponent. So, this game is perfect for casual gamers who aren’t searching for a full-fledged cricket experience.

  • Gully Cricket for Android

The only game in which you do not play in a crowded stadium is Gully Cricket. In the Gully cricket android game, you can play with a gully that recalls your childhood when you play cricket with it. In a Gully, you can play 100 different matches, breaking windows and hitting car windshields. Gully Ka Raja, Tournament Mode, and Arcade Mode are the three game modes available in this game. However, it has simple gameplay and a lot of funny movements, making it an entertaining game to play.