A Review of the Socom M4 Combat Sling


For those who need an answer for where to find a SOP M4 Combat Slings, it can be found here. Here is a review of the Socom M4 and its accessories. This includes the new “Quick Change” tactical sling. Here is some information about this brand of sling and what it can do for you.

The Socom M4 is an extremely popular brand that is used by Special Forces, civilian agencies, and the USMC. This is used for situations where one has to quickly change from a shotgun to a SOP M4 with a quick release buckle. One of the best features about the Socom is that this system can be used in conjunction with other equipment including the Quick Change Buckle, Quick Change Strap, and other add on gear. The sling itself is made out of heavy duty nylon/leather material. It is designed for high stress wear and tear on the job site.

The SOP M4 is featured on many US Army and Marine websites and in many magazines such as US Army Survival Guide, US Army Magazine, and Gun Store News. It has been called the best multi-use tactical sling available on the market. The Socom is also known as a “c-magazine” bag and was originally designed to use in conjunction with a c-magazine designed for rapid reloading of a shotgun. The gun store that I work at sells them for around $150, but they can be purchased at much lower prices on auction sites such as eBay and others.

In addition to the SOP M4 Carbine sling, the Tactical Company produces a similar model called the Maglite. Both of these tactical companies use heavy duty material and are designed for durability even in harsh environments. The sling swivel from the Tactical Company is made out of polyester weave and weighs nearly four ounces. The sling swivel in the Socom M4 Carbine is a little more complicated, being made of nylon coated steel and weighs eight ounces.

Currently, both the Socom and the Maglite can be bought online. The prices of the two are relatively close to each other. If you’re planning on purchasing one of these two items, you should definitely check out the reviews I have found for each product. I have personally purchased the former and I will go over my experience there below.

As far as the differences between these two products, they vary a bit with each manufacturer. The Socom has a more streamlined design than the Maglite, giving it a sleeker and more modern look. They also make a rear sight model that allows users to attach a laser range finder device in their carbine. On the other hand, the Maglite offers a much heavier solution in the form of an automatic mounting device that attaches on the end of the receiver and offers a more traditional feel. The disadvantage to this is that it’s heavier, which may prevent it from being used by military or law enforcement special forces.

The two most common uses of the Socom M4 Combat Sling are the ARS system and the side sling mount. The ARS system, which stands for Armstouch Rear Sight, is actually a built in attachment that sits underneath the buttstock of the rifle. It’s designed to provide users with a comfortable and stable firing position, while still allowing them to see where their target is through using the MilSim reticle. The side sling mount is a convenient place to put a laser pointer if you’re using one, but not necessary if you opt for the built-in mount. This mount can also be used as a carry handle, which comes in handy if you’re going somewhere with a more compact carrying system.

If you want more specific details, check out the official website for more information about the M4 Carbine Sling. It’s not uncommon for military and special forces to use similar equipment, and the Socom M4 Combat sling fits the bill perfectly. Check out the photos on the site to see what other equipment is available to attach to a weapon. They definitely have some very cool stuff.