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According to App Annie, All we did in 2020 was TikTok


According to App Annie, TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide in 2020. It took over Facebook Messenger’s top spot.

The only app that is not owned by Facebook and has made the global top five in downloads is the Chinese video-sharing platform.

TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance holds the top spot in its native country.

Even after Donald Trump attempted to ban TikTok in America, TikTok has remained popular.

Since 2018, the top spot has been held by Facebook apps. However, the company still dominates the chart.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media company was responsible for the remainder of the top five, with Facebook’s flagship app and WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger all making an appearance.

Donald Trump, the then-President of the United States, issued an executive order prohibiting new TikTok downloads in the USA.

Trump claimed that TikTok was a national security threat because the Chinese government had accessed its user data. However, the allegations were repeatedly refuted by the company.

The Chinese government never approved a potential deal that resulted in parent company ByteDance selling a portion of its US business to US technology giant Oracle.

Joe Biden has withheld Mr. Trump’s executive orders since he became the US President in January 2017.

The company has also overcome the US challenge and is now exploring new ways of attracting customers.

It was revealed last week that TikTok is testing a new feature called “vanishing clips” similar to the functions found on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

TikTok Stories allows users to view content posted by accounts they follow for 24 hours before being removed.

WhatsApp introduced a feature that allowed users to upload photos and videos that disappear after being seen.