All about Jeff Bezos, BIO, Kids & Family, Net Worth, Salary, Income you need to know!

All about Jeff Bezos, BIO, Kids & Family, Net Worth, Salary, Income you need to know!

About Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon.com, the international Internet retail giant that has changed the way consumers buy books, music, DVDs, toys, electronics, sporting goods and practically anything else.

Before founding Amazon.com in 1994 (originally Cadabra), Jeff was a senior vice-president with Wall Street firm D.E. Shaw. He holds a BS in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University, as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Jeff remains interested in both technology and business, even outside of his work at Amazon. And he has become active with several charities, including the Bezos Family Foundation that supports children’s education. Jeff is also an avid sailor with a passion for racing.

He competed in the 2003 America’s Cup as part of the GBR Challenge.

Jeff Bezos Family & Kids

Jeff Bezos is married to novelist MacKenzie Bezos. They have four children, including three sons and one daughter. Jeff also has another daughter from a previous relationship with former girlfriend Rebecca J. “Randi” Wexler. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have a prenuptial agreement. They went to marriage counselling before they wed, but it didn’t work, so they got divorced in January of 2019.

In 1999, Jeff Bezos became the first person to purchase a $10 million (US) 767 as a pleasure boat for his wife. That was just an initial payment on the aircraft that he now has available from his Amazon profits. In fact, one reason why he started Amazon was because he wanted to earn enough money to buy the airplane and still have enough left over for a very large home and other luxuries (which means things like expensive toys and expensive clothes). He also owns two other estates: one in Beverly Hills, California and another in Washington, DC.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth

In 2018, Jeff Bezos is ranked as the richest man in the world, with a net worth of more than $135 billion. That’s more money than some countries GDPs! In fact, that’s about as much as the entire economy of Switzerland or some small oil-rich nations like Brunei and Kuwait. But it doesn’t even put a dent in his overall wealth because his company Amazon alone has a market value of about half a trillion dollars. He also owns shares of other companies such as Airbnb and Uber, so he has a piece of those companies’ profits too.

Not only does he own these stocks himself but by owning them through multiple holding companies (such as Nash Holdings LLC), his family members haveJeff Bezos Net Worth also reaped Jeff’s profits through dividends and other distributions.

Jeff Bezos Salary

Back when Jeff Bezos was still working at D.E. Shaw, he started an email correspondence with MacKenzie Tuttle who was a research associate in the firm. He asked her to join him for dinner one night, but she declined because they had already gone out on a date when she worked in the finance department of the investment banking division of Bankers Trust where Jeff used to work. But they eventually did go out again, got married, and now have four children together!

Jeff is currently taking home about $100 million dollars per year in stock awards. That’s how much money he makes every month thanks to his 14 percent ownership stake in Amazon (which is about $33 billion). MacKenzie Bezos’ net worth of $36.7 billion (2018) makes her the third richest woman in the world.

Assuming they put all of that money into a trust for their children, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos could get away with spending $900 million per year on their kids. That’s more than the GDP of some countries! It would be hard to even imagine spending that much money.

Jeff Bezos is currently worth about $140 billion (US). He was the richest man in the world at one point with a total net worth of over $150 billion US dollars. That made him richer even than Bill Gates! NOTE: If Jeff’s combined net worth with his wife were combined, then their resources would be around $160-$170 billion US dollars.

Jeff Bezos Books – Amazon History

Amazon started out as an online bookstore that quickly grew into much more. Today you can find pretty much anything on Amazon and while books are still offered for sale, there are other products that really account for the majority of sales done by Amazon every day. As of 2019 (and despite having acquired many other companies ), Amazon still funds all of its original products to keep growing.

In 1994, entrepreneur Jeff Bezos quit his job at a New York hedge fund after he figured out how he would start an online bookstore. He initially started selling books from his garage in Seattle, Washington where he had moved to join his wife MacKenzie who was finishing up her PhD at The University of Washington (UW).

When the internet went mainstream in 1995, Jeff Bezos quit his job and decided to focus on growing Amazon into a successful company that would offer many different products for sale to consumers all around the world. MacKenzie supported him 100% by working as a research associate at the Wall Street hedge fund D.E. Shaw while Jeff devoted himself full time to building up Amazon in their spare time (evenings and weekends!).

Jeff Bezos Wife MacKenzie – What’s?

Over the years, Amazon has become the world’s largest online retailer and is now estimated to have a total net worth of around $ 800 billion dollars. That’s more than twice as much as Walmart with its $ 300 billion dollars in resources!

Jeff Bezos’ current net worth of about $ 132 billion makes him one of the richest men alive today – at least according to most sources. The real figure might be closer to the neighborhood of 200-300 billion US dollars since he also owns quite a bit of cash through various investment institutions that are managed by his family members. Jeff doesn’t manage those accounts himself, but he still benefits from their work. As you can imagine, it would make sense for him to look for ways to minimize taxes if possible so hiding some money in various tax havens can also add up to a significant amount of money.

Jeff Bezos is still CEO of Amazon and took over the company only briefly. He has built up a strong management team to take care of the day-to-day operations, but he still controls much of the decisions taken by Amazon and continues to keep a close eye on the company’s progress.

Jeff Bezos Personal Life – Wife and Kids

Jeff and his wife MacKenzie announced that they would be getting a divorce in early 2019 (a statement which some claim was only made public because Jeff Bezos wanted people to think he wasn’t gay). If their divorce is finalized, Jeff will lose half of his $ 100 billion dollar fortune. However, since his soon-to-be ex-wife has an estimated net worth of $36.7 billion there won’t be too much of a financial impact for either party involved.

MacKenzie is an American novelist whose work has been published under her maiden name: MacKenzie Tuttle. Some sources state that she spent her childhood in San Antonio, Texas and later moved to New York City where she attended Barnard College. She has been married once before to a man who also happened to be her high school sweetheart.

Jeff Bezos Personal Life – Affairs?

While Jeff Bezos is gay , he hasn’t come out publicly about the news yet. This means that gay rumors are probably untrue which isn’t something that should surprise anyone given how protective he seems to be of his personal life . However, MacKenzie’s divorce announcement did indicate that they would likely have had different interests after being married for 25 years so it wouldn’t make sense for them both to continue living together if one of them wasn’t interested in doing so anymore. It’s possible, though unlikely.