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Are we being overloaded by technology?

Are we being overloaded by technology?
Are we being overloaded by technology?

Is the rate of technological change happening too fast, especially for the typical consumer? During periods of lockdown due to the pandemic our reliance upon technology has significantly increased.

A sign that many people may have reached saturation point comes from a survey relating to the U.K. consumer, conducted by Windsor Telecom. The survey takes a generational perspective. While focused on the U.K., the core finding may relate to many other nations, especially in relation to any generational divides.
The findings discovered that 1 in 4 people report they are overwhelmed with the amount of technology they need to use to keep in touch with colleagues (and family members).
The focus of the poll was on the level of comfort use technology and conducting video calls to their communication preference at work.
The results demonstrate that the traditional generational stereotypes in relation to technology use and adaptation are perhaps not accurate. With up to five generations now working side by side in the workplace, it is important that IT and HR departments understand the trends and challenges.

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