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Banglalink Internet Offer

banglalink internet offer

Banglalink Best offers


Banglalink is one of Bangladesh’s major mobile operator firms. It boasts a robust network, low call rates, and an exclusive internet bundle at a low cost. Because customer pleasure is their priority, they provide a variety of special phone rates and internet package deals. Today I’m going to talk about the Banglalink Internet Pack Offer 2021. Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. (formerly Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Ltd.) is a Bangladeshi telecommunications service provider. It is Bangladesh’s third-largest cellular service provider. It is wholly owned by Telecom Ventures Ltd. (formerly Orascom Telecom Ventures Ltd.) of Malta, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Telecom Holding,[3] which is a subsidiary of the Dutch holding firm VEON. By December 2005, Banglalink had 1 million customers, and by October 2006, it had 3 million subscribers. In less than two years, by December 2007, Banglalink has surpassed Artel (now Robi) to become Bangladesh’s second-largest operator, with more than 7.1 million users.

Until December 2005, Banglalink has 1.03 million connections. Banglalink’s customer base rose by 257 percent [4] to 3.64 million by the end of 2006, making it the world’s fastest-growing operator at the time. [Citation required] Banglalink was the first operator to offer free incoming calls from BTTB for both post-paid and prepaid lines in August 2006. Banglalink passed the 10 million subscriber threshold on August 20, 2008. [5] Banglalink has 36.57 million subscribers as of July 2021.


Banglalink Best Prepaid Package


Banglalink presently has two prepaid plans available. All prepaid plans are divided into two categories: standard (T&T incoming and outgoing with national dialing and ISD) and M2M. All connections provide subscribers EDGE, GPRS, 3G, HSPA, HSPA+, 4G, and LTE.

Desh, with the tagline Ek Desh Ek Rate! (one country, one rate! ), is one of the country’s lowest prepaid plans by a tariff. It also includes three FnF (Friends and Family) lines with lower call rates for frequently called locations. Desh made its debut in 2006.

Desh ring debuted as a brand extension of desh. Rang is the Bengali word for color. Rangiye Din Apnar Jeebon is the catchphrase (means color your life.). This plan is designed for clients who mostly phone their network and send a lot of SMS messages. It provides four on-net FnF numbers but none off-net.

Previously available bundles:

The initial plan offered by Banglalink was regularly prepaid. It is now out of stock on the market. Ladies, first! with the motto Shopworker Network (which means relationship network), was designed specifically for women. It provided four FnF numbers. It was released in 2005 and is no longer available on the market. It pioneered the use of a 1-second pulse in the prepaid market. Be connected! debuted in 2005. Desh package later took over as all Be connected! clients were automatically transferred to Desh.



Banglalink Post-paid plans

Banglalink now offers three post-paid options to its tail customers. These products are referred to as Enterprise Personal, and they are a subset of the much broader Banglalink enterprise. T&T local, nationwide calling, ISD, and e-ISD connections are included in all packages.

Package for individuals

Personal additional

Control and personal call




Previously available packages:


On July 31, 2005, Upper Class, a post-paid platform, was introduced. It was primarily aimed at somewhat more affluent customers. The higher class was noted for having distinct sales and customer service counters, as well as a specialized hotline. It offered a variety of packages under two distinct tariff plans: tailor-made and made-to-measure. In addition, it launched a hybrid product called call and control, which combines the value of post-paid with the control of prepaid. The top class was then taken up by Enterprise Personal.


Banglalink Business:

Banglalink Enterprise caters to the requirements of the business community by providing a diverse range of products and services. It was originally made available in December 2006. The current packages are as follows:

Corporate enterprise; aimed at the corporate market, Enterprise SME; aimed at the SME market, Individuals in business, Banglalink served business clients through a similar platform called Banglalink professional before the launch of Banglalink enterprise.


I also attempt to include the most recent update of the Banglalink Internet Package Offer for your convenience. Because they are always attempting to provide a special deal for their esteemed clientele. As a result, you must thoroughly study the post to ensure that you do not miss any points or offers.


List of Banglalink Internet Pack Offers:

Nowadays, virtually everyone in Bangladesh’s urban, rural, and remote locations have a mobile phone, and many of them utilize the internet on their phones. Not everyone can afford the costliest internet plan, and many people do not require long-term internet service.


Banglalink Best Internet Offers:

So, as you can see from the list of Banglalink Internet Plan Offer 2021, Banglalink has designed its internet package for a certain set of people. They provide their internet package offer to their consumer quite skilfully. Very low pricing rates and various validity periods are also available. Check out the list below.

Total Internet Access Validity The Active Code Price
200 MB 3 Days *5000*18# 18 Tk
75 MB 4 Days *5000*543# 13 Tk
2.5 GB 4 Days *5000*58# (50% bonus in MyBL App) 58 Tk
4.5 GB 4 Days *5000*64# (50% bonus in MyBL App) 64 Tk
1.5 GB 7 Days Toffee Internet Pack *5000*216# 16 Tk
150 MB 7 Days Dial *5000*522# 26 Tk
500 MB 7 Days *5000*588# 42 Tk
4.0 GB 7 Days Dial *5000*108# (50% bonus in MyBL App)      108 Tk
9 GB 7 Days Dial *5000*114# 114 Tk
13 GB 7 Days Dial *5000*129# 129 Tk
15 GB 7 Days *5000*149# 149 Tk
18 GB 7 Days *5000*169# 169 Tk
7.5 GB 30 Days Dial *5000*246# (Toffee Internet Pack) 46 Tk
2 GB 30 Days Dial *5000*581# (50% bonus in MyBL App) 209 Tk
3 GB 30 Days Dial *5000*249#(50% bonus in MyBL App) 249 Tk
12 GB 30 Days Dial *5000*299# 299 Tk
24 GB 30 Days Dial *5000*399# 399 Tk
40.0 GB 30 Days Dial *5000*508# 499 Tk
45 GB 30 Days Dial *5000*999# 999 Tk












3 Days best Internet Package

Users may get a three-day Internet package from Banglalink. You can view the specifics of the Banglalink Internet Package 3 Days bundle with activation code here. So, have a look at the Banglalink Internet Package list for three days below.

Internet Validity Dial Code Price
200 MB 3 Days *5000*18# 18 Tk




4 Days Internet Package

In this section, we have included the Banglalink Internet Package list 2021 for 4 Days. Please see the information below and select the Banglalink Internet Package 4 Days pack that you prefer.

Internet Validity Active Code Price
75 MB 4 Days *5000*543# 13 Tk
2.5 GB 4 Days *5000*58# (50% bonus in MyBL App) 58 Tk
4.5 GB 4 Days *5000*64# (50% bonus in MyBL App) 64 Tk







Weekly best Internet Package

If you enjoy staying connected to the rest of the world through the internet, these bundles are for you. Banglalink provides various outstanding and low-cost loads to be a dependable travel companion. So, get this Banglalink Internet Package 2021 and rule the internet. Banglalink Mb packages comprise all of Banglalink’s short-term packages. Examine this area carefully to pick the best one for you.

Internet Validity Active Code Price
1.5 GB 7 Days Toffee Internet Pack *5000*216# 16 Tk
150 MB 7 Days Dial *5000*522# 26 Tk
500 MB 7 Days *5000*588# 42 Tk
4.0 GB 7 Days Dial *5000*108# (50% bonus in MyBL App) 108 Tk
9 GB 7 Days Dial *5000*114# 114 Tk
13 GB 7 Days Dial *5000*129# 129 Tk
15 GB 7 Days *5000*149# 149 Tk



Monthly Internet Package

You do not need to be concerned if you do not wish to purchase a short-term internet package. Banglalink offers some excellent monthly internet packages. If you’re looking for the best Banglalink monthly, you’ve come to the right place. In 2021, Banglalink will offer some appealing Banglalink Internet Packages to its customers.

Internet Pack Price Activation Code Validity
120 MB 50 Tk *5000*523# 30 Days
300 MB 99 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
600 MB 150 Tk *5000*504# 30 Days
1 GB 199 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
1 GB 210 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
1.5 GB 275 Tk *5000*511# 30 Days
2 GB 209 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
2 GB 350 Tk *5000*506# 30 Days
4 GB 500 Tk *5000*508# 30 Days
8 GB 900 Tk *5000*509# 30 Days
15 GB 1500 Tk *5000*510# 30 Days


You will be able to experience quick and seamless service from this mobile provider if you purchase these bundles. They have brand new deals for 2021. So, for one month, purchase a Banglalink 3G internet plan and a Banglalink 4G internet package.




Banglalink Social Internet Package

Do you enjoy staying in touch with your friends? For the first time in Bangladesh, Banglalink has introduced some of the greatest social offers. It is available to both prepaid and post-paid customers. If you use Banglalink, this is great news for you, therefore have a look at the Banglalink Internet Package.

Social Pack Cost Validity Activation Code
20 MB 1 TK 1 Day *5000*514#
30 MB Facebook 1.5 TK 4 Days *5000*514#
100MB Social Pack 7 TK 7 days *5000*576#
250 MB Imo 10 TK 7 days *5000*525#
500 MB 49 TK 7 days *5000*588#
1 GB YouTube 19 TK 2 days *5000*345#
1 GB 89 TK 7 days *5000*517#


You may look for reliable information on the Banglalink Social pack every day and be dissatisfied. We have provided the Banglalink social bundle for 2021 here. Examine this information and purchase a Banglalink Internet Package that is appropriate for you.



Rechargeable Internet Package

Many customers dislike having to call a code to activate a Banglalink Internet Package. Simply reload a certain amount of money and enjoy your bundle. Here are the specifics:

Package Duration Cost
500 MB 7 days 36 TK
1.5 GB 7 days 99 TK
2.5 GB 7 days 129 TK
1.5 GB+ Bonus 200 MB 30 days 209 TK
3 GB 30 days 399 Tk



MB Offer Pack from Banglalink

To entice clients, mobile operator firms would occasionally offer certain Banglalink Internet Package deals. Banglalink also offers some fantastic deals. Look at the details to get a sense of these:

Pack Cost Validity Activation Code Activation on Recharge
250 MB 10 Tk 7 days *5000*725# Not available
20 MB 1 Tk 1 day *5000*514# Not available
100MB 7 TK 7 days *5000*576# Available
500 MB 49 TK 7 days *5000*588# Available
1 GB 89 TK 7 days *5000*517# Available
120 MB 50 Tk 30 days *5000*523# Not available
300 MB 99 Tk 30 days *5000*503# Available
600 MB 150 Tk 30 days *5000*504# Available
1GB 199 Tk 30 days *5000*503# Available
1 GB 210 Tk 30 days *5000*581# Not available
1.5 GB 275 Tk 30 days *5000*511# Not available
2 GB 209 Tk 30 days *5000*581# Available
2 GB 350 Tk 30 days *5000*506# Not available
4 GB 500 Tk 30 days *5000*508# Not available
8 GB 900 Tk 30 days *5000*509# Not available
15 GB 1500 Tk 30 days *5000*510# Not available


Do you need to connect to everyone over the internet? Banglalink has launched a slew of fresh promotions for its consumers. These bundles are popular among Banglalink consumers. Banglalink created this bundle to meet their needs. Purchase this package to alleviate all of your concerns about purchasing an internet plan. You will receive a variety of packages. I hope this post has given you a good understanding of all Banglalink internet packages. If you have any further questions concerning the Banglalink internet plan, please contact the Banglalink hotline number. They will resolve your issue as soon as possible. For legal information and further offers, you may also visit the Banglalink official website. If you enjoy our posts, please like, share, and comment. Best wishes and pleasant browsing!