Blue Rice: The New Social Media Food Trend


Social media  is all about posting attractive snap shots, and quite food pictures get special interest of all of the foodies like us.  we also get to find out lots of new food trendsmeals combinationsmeals art and food decor stylesamongst many others, deep blue-coloured rice has also been trending on Instagram of overdueordinary rice has no aesthetic splendor to boast of. but simply the addition of this attractive blue colour transforms it into a visible pride. And if you consider the humans who’ve eaten it, it tastes notable too!

Blue rice is something we came to now however it has been part of Asian cuisine for a long time. its striking vibrant colour that has made people sit up and take notice . Many celebs has been seen recently indulging in this dish .

How we prepare it

Its very simple to prepare blue rice . You just need two ingredients plane white rice and butterfly pea flower ( Alot of them).

take a cup of Jasmine rice and cook it  just like you prepare regular white rice. To the water add a handful of butterfly pea flower to give the rice that lash vibrant blue colour. this rice can go with all kind of curries.