David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston: The Lobster theory was right all along!


This year’s FRIENDS Reunion was not exactly entertaining. However, now that David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are dating, the Friends reunion has become an important historical document and must be preserved forever.
It’s important to mention that Aniston and Schwimmer might not be together. Two pieces of information seem to have led to this whole mess. The First was the segment from the Friends reunion – the only segment that offered any new information – where they admitted they had secret crushes on each other while filming Friends. The Second is that, after the reunion, Schwimmer flew to Aniston’s home in LA to visit a vineyard together.
There are hundreds of reasons why Schwimmer might want to visit Aniston, many completely mundane. The internet wants them to date, so that’s what it is. They are now dating. They are definitely in a relationship, and it is incredible.

They call each other “my lobster” and stroke their hairs in the bed.

While it was possible that Aniston and Brad Pitt would reunite a few years back, that is now old news. It’s strangely defeating to see a woman with her ex-husband. But a co-star? One with whom her character had an off-off relationship on a sitcom that ended 17 years ago. It’s even more thrilling. Don’t delay! While you’re at it, call Ross and Rachel. Hurry up; we are all watching.
It can indeed be a bit sexist to confuse an actor with their role on TV intentionally. Swimming and Aniston are only interested in their relationship because they could mimic the infatuation of a show that we enjoyed. Had they played brother and sister on Friends, the internet might not have exploded with the same level of joy. Because we spent a decade of our lives hoping Ross would find Rachel, it suddenly becomes crucial that Schwimmer follow the exact steps of this fictional relationship with Aniston. It is what we demand.
I hope this is true because I am an optimist. Finally, two people in their 50s who were beaten up by their past have found lasting happiness with an old friend. It is hoped that Schwimmer and Aniston can now have the most meaningful relationships of their lives and will find ongoing trust and companionship, something that has so far been lacking.

Reference: The Guardian