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Finally, Fortnite has Superman Items!


Superman was the star of Fortnite Season 7 earlier in the summer. The trailer for season 7 revealed an alien invasion at Fortnite‘s Island. Superman was one of the heroes who enlisted to stop the invaders. The character will finally be available in Fortnite, just weeks after it was revealed.

The best part is that Superman’s outfits will not be available only to Fortnite, meaning players can unlock all Superman skins and items by simply completing battle pass challenges.

For example, players will work together with Beast Boy and Armored Batman to recover Superman’s memories. In addition, they’ll be able to unlock Superman-themed merchandise as they complete quests.

After completing one quest from Clark Kent or Armored Batman, players will unlock the Call to Action emoticon. Three quests with any of these characters will unlock Superman Shield spray, while five will unlock Clark Kent outfit. To unlock the Daily Planet back jewel, players must glide through three rings as Clark Kent. After all that is done, players will need to sail through three rings as Clark Kent to unlock the Secret Identity Emote and Superman Cape back jewels. You can switch between Clark Kent or Superman by using the emote.

After finishing that track, you can complete Epic Quests to unlock Clark Kent’s Shadow outfits. These quests will unlock Kal-El’s Cape glider and a Superman-themed loading screen titled:

“The last son of Krypton.”

In addition, the Solitude Striker pickaxe and Shadow variants of Clark Kent, the Daily Planet back bling and Superman Cape back bling, and the Solitude Striker pickingaxe are also available.

The Shadow Clark Kent outfit can transform into Shadow Superman by using the Secret Identity Emote. The unlocks can be seen in the images embedded within this article. Otherwise, you can jump into Fortnite to start working on those quests.