Get yourself a cat, and thank us latter.


Disclaimer: Get ready to fall in love with cats!

Are you feeling anxious? Spend time with your cat. “Researchers have found that spending time with a cat can reduce an owner’s heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure,” says Kristyn Vitale, Ph.D., an expert on cat-human interaction and a professor at Unity College in Maine. “Your cat can help you relax.”

Engaging with your furry friend is key to unlocking their therapeutic abilities. “It’s not just about having a cat in the house,” says Monique Udell, Ph.D., an animal behaviorist and a professor at Oregon State University. In addition, it can help to train your cat, play with it, and perform caretaking behaviors.

The process will be emotionally beneficial for you and your feline. Vitale says that many people underestimate the importance and value of social behavior in cats. Our research shows that cats want interaction with humans. Udell’s team studied the matter and found that cats have a similar relationship to humans.

Following; are the facts about the benefits of owning a cat, according to science.

Cats can lift your mood

A 2012 survey found that 87 percent of cat owners felt their cat positively impacted their well-being. In addition, 76% said they feel better about their lives. Studies have found that “interacting with your cat can improve negative feelings, like fear or anxiety,” says Vitale. Research has also shown that cats can provide comfort.

Online, you can get your feline fix and enjoy the many benefits of owning a cat. For example, people felt more positive and energetic after watching cat videos, according to a study.

Cats add definition to your days.

Vitale says, “Having a creature who depends on you can help create a routine. It can also help to give them a sense of purpose.” Next, focus on strengthening the bond. Vitale says that cats have their own preferences. Some cats love to be petted, while others enjoy being near you. You can play with your cat by giving her toys, brushing her, or talking to her. See what her favorite things are. Then, both of you will feel the positive effects.

Cats create a sense of connection

Research shows that having a cat can help alleviate loneliness, says Vitale. This makes sense. Even if your cat is just sitting in the living room, a cat can be a companion and provide company. Research shows that her presence can also give us a sense of security.

Udell says:

“We’ve learned to appreciate our relationships with pets more now.” “People have learned to appreciate the small joys that cats bring into their lives during the pandemic.”

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