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Grameenphone, abbreviated as GP, is Bangladesh’s largest telecommunications service provider, with 82 million customers and a 46.5 percent market share (as of June 2021). Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation have partnered to form the company. Telenor, a Norwegian telecommunications firm, owns 55.8 percent of Grameenphone, Grameen Telecom owns 34.2 percent, and the remaining 10% is publicly held. Grameenphone was the first business in Bangladesh to introduce GSM technology. Grameenphone is now battling a government revenue agency and a telecommunications regulatory authority over a disputed claim of BDT 120 billion in unpaid taxes and penalties (from 1997 to 2014), which Grameenphone refuses to recognize as a genuine claim. Since 2018, Grameenphone has invested more than BDT 347.4 billion (US$4.12 billion) on network infrastructure. Grameenphone has created the country’s largest cellular network, with over 15,900 base stations reaching 99 percent of Bangladesh’s population.


The Grameenphone network also supports GPRS/EDGE/3G, with a developing 4G network, providing internet access inside its service area. Grameenphone began offering pre-paid mobile phone service in Bangladesh in September 1999, using an EDGE/GPRS/3G/4G network. Grameenphone was the first mobile operator in Bangladesh to provide its user’s internet access through EDGE, 3G, and 4G networks. Grameenphone has created numerous services, including GP Music, a music streaming service that debuted in 2015, and Bioscope, a video streaming service that debuted in 2016 and allows users to watch movies, dramas, and live TV. Shotaro, the company’s e-commerce app, provides door-to-door delivery service to all parts of Bangladesh, including rural areas. Feature phone customers may purchase products online and have them delivered to their homes by visiting any of the Grameenphone Express Canters. Grameenphone launched its MyGP app in 2017, allowing users to create their mobile phone packages and savings depending on their needs for voice minutes, data volumes, and text messaging using an integrated platform called Flexiload. Customers may use the MyGP app to track their consumption in real-time. MyGP now includes GP applications like Bioscope and Shoparu, as well as third-party ride-hailing apps like Uber and Shohoz.


Incredible GP Internet Offer:

If you are seeking for GP Internet offer 2021, this post is for you. According to Wikipedia, Grameenphone, often known as GP, is the biggest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, with over 74 million customers and a 46.3 percent market share. If you are looking for a low-cost GP MB Deal 2021, read this page to find Grameenphone’s finest internet offer. Grameenphone now offers the required internet bundles. All of these are compatible with the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. There is also a Flexi plan.



GP Internet Provides New Update:

The government is considering raising the mobile phone rate tax and VAT on the internet in the 2021-2022 budget. As a result, internet expenses, as well as mobile call rates, may rise. Currently, a 10% tax is placed on the country’s mobile call limit. Which can reach up to 15%? The Internet, on the other hand, now charges a 5% VAT. Which of these has the potential to expand to 10%? Now you can view all of GP’s internet deals. A new update is available.

Internet Price Activation Code Validity
85 MB TK 38 *121*3004# 7 Days
555 MB TK 156 *121*3007# 30 Days
1 GB TK 46 *121*3399# 3 Days
1 GB TK 89 *121*3056# 7 Days
TK 17 *121*3237# 7 Days
2 GB TK 57 *121*3242# 3 Days
3 GB TK 69 *121*3282# 3 Days
500 MB TK 37 *121*3083# 3 Days
2 GB TK 98 *121*3322# 7 Days
(1GB+1GB Bioscope)
TK 101 *121*3333# 7 Days
(3GB + 1GB 4G
TK 114 *121*3344# 7 Days

(Bioscope Only)

TK 49 MyGP 30 Days
(6GB+2GB 4G)
TK 148 *121*3262# 7 Days
12 GB

(10GB +2GB 4G)

TK 198 *121*3133# 7 Days


GP SPECIAL Internet Packages 2021

If you’re looking for GP internet pack 2021, you’ve come to the correct spot. From here, you can get all your internet needs met at a cheaper cost. Grameenphone features a variety of online offerings. You may purchase the GP free MB offer 2021 you desire from the website Enjoy the deals and share them with everyone in your family.

GP internet pack Price BDT Purchase Code Validity
2GB BDT 54 *121*3242# 3 Days
1GB BDT 89 *121*3056# 7 Days
3GB + Free 3GB BDT108 *121*3344# 7 Days
8GB (2GB 4G) BDT 148 *121*3262# 7 Days
10GB + 10GB Free BDT 198 *121*3133# 7 Days
1GB BDT 189 *121*3390# 30 Days
3GB BDT 289 *121*3391# 30 Days
5GB (1GB 4G) BDT 299 *121*3458# 30 Days
8GB (2GB 4G) BDT 399 *121*3392# 30 Days
15GB BDT 498 *121*3459# 30 Days
15GB BDT 649 *121*3393# 30 Days
20GB (4G) BDT 499 *121*3435# 30 Days
30GB BDT 998 *121*3394# 30 Days
50GB (4G) BDT 999 *121*3436# 30 Days
100GB (4G) BDT 1499 *121*3437# 30 Days
WhatsApp pack 26MB BDT 2.61 *121*3063# 3 Days
Viber pack 26 MB BDT 2.61 *121*3070# 3 Days
Facebook BDT 1.57 *121*3022# 3 Days
Emergency data loan (12MB) BDT 5 *121*3021# 3 Days
Facebook BDT 19 *121*3024# 28 Days
Facebook 6.28 Tk *121*3023# 7 Days






GP BEST Internet Offer 2021

This page lists all Grameenphone Internet bundles. The activation code may be found in the final table. This is the GP offer for 2021. Grameenphone’s new offerings are detailed more below. 2021 GP MB Pack And what about the veracity? All volume pricing 2021 GP Internet Pack.

GP Offer Price BDT Purchase Code Validity
5MB BDT 2.62 *121*3002# 3 days
85MB BDT 28 *121*3004# 7 days
350MB BDT 33 *121*3083# 3 days
1GB offer no all user BDT 5 *500*45# 7 days
1GB offer BDT 18 *121*3234# 8 (hours)
GP 1GB offer BDT 21 *121*5097# 7 days
1GB Data Pack BDT 31 *121*5087# 5 days
1GB BDT 89 *121*3056# 7 days
2GB BDT 54 *121*3242# 3 Days
3GB BDT 108 *121*3344# 7 days
6GB BDT 148 *121*3262# 7 days
10GB BDT 198 *121*3133# 7 days


GP Internet Offers 2021 30 Days

This is the GP Internet offer 2021 now. How do you purchase the offer? You simply click, and then you may purchase these deals from here:

GP Offer 2021 Price BDT Purchase Code Validity
115MB BDT 58 *121*3005# 30 days
555MB BDT 149 *121*3007# 28 days
1GB offer BDT 9 *5020*2217#
28 days
1GB offer BDT 50 *121*3390# 30 days
1.5GB BDT 239 *121*3027# 30 days
1GB BDT 189 *121*3390# 30 days
3GB BDT 289 *121*3391# 30 days
5GB BDT 399 *121*3392# 30 days
15GB BDT 649 *121*3393# 30 days
30GB BDT 998 *121*3394# 30 days


GP 1GB Internet Offer:

This is the most popular GP 1GB internet offer now I am presenting all GP cheap price 1gb internet offer view all offers and enjoy and share with your family and friends.

Offer & Price BDT Purchase code validity
GP 1gb offer at 5 Taka *500*45# 7 days
GP 1GB offer at 9 Taka *5020*2217# 28 days
GP offer 1gb at 18 Taka *121*3234# 8 hours
GP offer 1gb at 21 Taka (new) *121*5097# 7 days
GP offer 1gb at 31 Tk (new) *121*5087# 5 days
GP internet offer at 1GB 50 BDT *121*3844# 7 days
GP 1gb offer at 104 BDT *121*3056# 7 days
GP 1gb offer at 86 BDT *121*3056# 7 days
GP 1gb offer at 189 BDT *121*3390# 30 days



GP Social Internet Pack:

 If you enjoy social media, there is good news for you: GP has created a social media pack. I’ve presented your offerings in the form of a table (see all packages).

GP Social Pack Purchases Code Price BDT Validity
Facebook 26MB *121*3022# 1.57 BDT 3 Days
Facebook 86MB *121*3023# 6.28 BDT 7 Days
Facebook 340MB *121*3024# 19 BDT 28 Days
WhatsApp 26MB *121*3063# 2.61 BDT 3 Days
Viber Pack 26MB *121*3070# 2.61 BDT 3 Days
YouTube 46 MB *121*3020# 6.28 BDT 3 Days


I am currently displaying the GP net offer. 2021 Grameenphone 1GB for 25 Tk Grameenphone Bring them in for your clients. New Internet promotion You may get 1GB of internet for as little as 25 Bangladeshi Taka. The GP 1 Gb 25 Taka code is *121*5192# and the offer is good for a limited time. 7Days. Just go and  get your favorite offer and enjoy