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Jazz Internet Packages 2021

Jazz is the leader in Pakistan’s major telecommunications companies. Jazz provides so many Internet options to its customers that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. In an ideal world, I would be happy to have all Internet Jazz 2021 packages in one place. It will be easier to locate the packages if you check it out.

Daily Jazz Internet Packages

Nowadays you can’t live without your Daily internet package code. Daily Jazz Internet packages can be used by you and your friends and family. Easy to use, and not too expensive, are the daily packages. Jazz Daily Internet packages codes will allow you to access the internet 24/7 so you can do whatever you want. Any bundle you choose can be yours, depending on your needs. You can choose from many different one-day bundles for Sindh, KPK, and other uses such as Youtube, Whatsapp, and many others.

Daily Browser is suitable for those who want to browse urgently like professionals and students. This package offers 50 Mbs internet at Rs.11.95 for one day.

Daily SMS+Whatsapp Bundles are for those who love to socialize by texting on Sms and Whatsapp. These bundles provide 10Mbs for Whatsapp and 188 SMS in Rs 7.2.

Daily Extreme Jazz internet package offers 2 GB from 12am to 12pm for one day for just Rs 15.

Daily Mega offers 1000 Mbs data for all the internet usage at Rs 27.

Daily Youtube and Social package designed for social customers. Only at Rs 15 it offers 1 GB of Youtube, Whatsapp and Facebook. 

Daily Youtube bundles can only be activated by My Jazz Account. It offers 1 GB of Youtube for Rs 15.

Internet Hourly Extreme provides 2000Mbs in Rs 20 for next 2 hours. You can subscribe anytime as per your desired hours.




Package Detail Price Validity Activation Code
Daily Browser 50MB PKR 11.95 1 Day *117*11#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 10MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMS PKR 7.2 1 Day *212#
Daily Super 150MB Data + 1440 Jazz Mins, 50 SMS PKR 17 1 Day *757#
Daily Extreme Jazz Internet Package 2GB Data (12am – 12pm) PKR 15 1 Day *575#
Daily Mega 1000 MBs PKR 27 1 Day *757#
Daily Youtube & Social 1GB For Youtube, WhatsApp & Facebook PKR 15 1 Day *968#
Daily Youtube Bundle 1GB For Youtube PKR 15 1 Day My jazz app
Internet Hourly Extreme 2000MB PKR 20.32 Next 2 Hours  *846#


Weekly Jazz Internet Packages

Many people would need a Weekly Jazz Internet package that lasts 7 days. You will have different needs; some may need more MBs while others might need less. Jazz is always there for you, just as you wish it to. Any of the below bundles can be yours. These bundles are simple to subscribe, and the prices are very affordable. Any of the Jazz Weekly Internet Packages can be used. There are many wonderful jazz internet packages that Jazz offers for its users. Jazz offers a range of bundles at different prices with different MBs/GB

Weekly Youtube and Social offers internet data for all social sites. It provides 5 GBs (24 hours) for IMO, Whatsapp & Facebook at Rs 89 only.

Weekly premium package benefits you only at Rs 147. You can get 3 GB for all uses.

Weekly Mega provides 7 GB only at Rs 210 for 7 day.


Weekly Mega plus is one of the most favorite economical packages by jazz. It provides 25 GB in just Rs 275 for 7 days


Below is the complete detail of jazz weekly packages with activation code:


Package Detail Price Validity Activation Code
Weekly Youtube & Social 5 GBs (24 Hours) IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook PKR 89 7 Days *660#
Weekly Premium 3GBs PKR 147 7 Days *117*47#
Weekly Mega 7GBs PKR 210 7 Days *159#
Weekly Mega Plus 25 GBs PKR 275 7 Days *453#
Weekly-Extreme 2500MB (Valid for 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM) PKR 75 7 Days *117*1#
Weekly Plus 12GB (6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM Only) PKR 210 7 Days *157#



Monthly Jazz Internet Packages

It is a good idea to get a Jazz internet package that works throughout the month. This will save you the time and hassle of charging your balance, subscribing daily, or weekly. There are many Jazz monthly internet plans, so let’s see which one suits you best.

Jazz Monthly Browser Package

The Jazz Monthly Browser deal is for you if you only need data for browsing light and for your monthly budget. This package is not for heavy users. To subscribe, Dial *709#! To subscribe, you will need to have a PKR89 balance.

Jazz Monthly Social Package

If you only need to socially connect with people throughout the month, the jazz monthly internet package is for you. It costs just PKR 99 to receive 5GBs of mobile data. This data can be used to send SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO + 12000 SMS. To subscribe, dial Dial *661#.

Jazz Monthly Premium Internet Package

If you are constantly on the move or don’t have a broadband internet connection at your home, then this package is for you. This package is worth it as it provides a lot of value for your money of PKR 620 balance. A whopping 25GB is included, 10 of which are Youtube Only. You also get 250 all-network minutes and a total of 250GB. Dial *2000# to get the package.

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus

This package is for users whose consumption is high. For PKR 349, you can get 12 GBs of monthly mobile data. Dial *117*30#. 

Monthly Supreme Internet Package

You can also get 20 GBs of monthly supreme internet at PKR 499 by dialing *117*32#. 

Note that both the above Mega and Supreme packages have limitations. 50% of the data can only be used between 2 AM and 2 PM. The remaining 50% can be used for 24 hours


The below table is the complete information about jazz monthly internet bundle packages.


Package Detail Price Validity  Activation code
Jazz Monthly Browser Package 2 GB PKR 89 30 Day *709#
Jazz Monthly Social Package 5GB (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO) + 12000 SMS PKR 99 30 Day *661#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus 12 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM) PKR 349 30 Day *117*30#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package 20GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM) PKR 499 30 Day *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Premium Internet Package 25GB (10 GB Youtube) + 250 All Net Mins PKR 620 30 Day *2000#
Jazz Monthly Extreme Package 5000MBs PKR 150 30 Days *117*34#



Following are the Jazz Postpaid internet packages. The Postpaid customers are billed monthly in accordance with the subscribed package. Jazz Postpaid internet packages can be activated by dialing *446#.

Every customer has a different need and liking. In my view, the Monthly super package is a super-duper offer by jazz for post-paid customers, as its real use of money, in which the company provides 24 GB for 1020 Rs.


Here is the complete information about all packages which jazz offers for its postpaid customers.



Package Detail Price Validity  Activation code
Monthly Streamer Package 2GB PKR 250 30 Day *446#
Monthly Premium Package 5GB PKR 500 30 Day *446#
Monthly Supreme Package 14GB PKR 800 30 Day *446#
Monthly Super Package 24GB PKR 1020 30 Day *446#
Monthly Ultimate Package 50GB PKR 1870 30 Day *446#




  • All above prices are inclusive of taxes
  • Once the volume from a specific internet package is completely used, charges will be deducted as per the regular tariff and i.e. Rs. 5 per MB
  • All the aforementioned internet packages are available for prepaid customers
  • The remaining volume of a particular package can be checked at a price of Rs. 0.06
  • The bundles are not auto-renewed upon expiry



Q: Which jazz internet packages are best? 

Ans: In the Monthly Supreme Internet Package You can also get 20 GBs of monthly supreme internet at PKR 499 by dialing *117*32#. Weekly Mega plus is one of the most favorite economical packages by jazz. It provides 25 GB in just Rs 275 for 7 days


Q: Is WhatsApp free on jazz?

Ans: It is new information that Jazz brings Free WhatsApp offer for its valued customers. You can get 65 MBs of WhatsApp absolutely free on every call, for up to 10 calls in a day. Dial *225# and subscribe to the Jazz free WhatsApp offer and start calling.


Q: How to check the jazz net package remaining internet MBs data?


Ans: You can check Jazz’s remaining MBs of any internet package or bundle package can be checked by adding *2# at the end of the subscription code.  There is a deduction of Rs.0.06 for checking the remaining internet Jazz MBs data.

Q: How can I get Jazz 5GB free?

Ans: if you want to get free 5GB internet on your Jazz 4G SIM, dial *117*91# from your Jazz 4G sim mobile .you will get  5GB of data in your account. If you want to check the remaining Mbs, you can dial *117*91*2# to view the remaining data.