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Jazz Mifi and Wifi Device Internet Packages


Customers of Jazz and Warid both benefited from fast internet and exclusive deals. Since the merger, Jazz has stepped up its game significantly in terms of internet services and 3G/4G devices. WPS Wi-Fi connection is available on Jazz’s 4G Wi-Fi and Wingle devices, which come in a variety of battery capacities. 3G/4G devices come in a variety of stylish styles and can connect up to 12 devices at once. The packaging for 3G and 4G dongles are identical. Customers may get 10 GB of internet for a month for just Rs 999 with the ‘Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package – Device Only.’ To subscribe this offer, ring * 117 * 71#; to seek out the status decalogue, ring * 117 * 71 * 2#; and to unsubscribe from the offer, ring 117 * 71 * 4#. After a month, the MBB packs are automatically renewed. This deal is simply valid for a brief time, and so the Jazz dongles data packages accompany a data- only SIM, so phone and SMS packages are not available. The ‘Periodic Internet Heavy – Device Only’ offers an unconvincing internet packet of fifty GBs for the entire month; to take advantage of this offer, ring * 117 * 74#, and to check the status of the packet, ring * 117 * 74 * 2#.

Jazz Device Internet packages

Jazz, Pakistan’s largest telecommunications provider with a large customer base, believes in high-quality connection. As a result, it strives to give the greatest services to clients so that they may keep in touch with their loved ones. The firm offers low-cost calling, texting, and internet bundles. Jazz also offers inexpensive Wifi & Mifi 4G gadget internet bundles to keep in touch with loved ones and remain informed about the surroundings. Customers who possess Jazz internet devices will learn about all of the inexpensive bundles Jazz has to offer in this post. Jazz super 4G WiFi, Super 4G wingle, and Jazz Home WiFi are some of the internet gadgets available.

Packages Price Package includes Validity USSD
Basic  Rs. 999  30 GB  30 Days (15 GB usable 1am to 9pm)  *117*71# 
Regular  Rs. 1500 60GB  30 Days (30 GB usable 1am to 9am)  *117*73#
Mega  Rs. 2000  100GB  30 Days (50 GB usable 1am to 9am)  *117*36#
Heavy  Rs. 2500  150GB  30 Days (75 GB usable 1am to 9am)  *117*74#
3 Months Bundle  Rs. 4000 36GB  90 Days (3 months)  *117*15#
6 Months Bundle  Rs. 10,000 75GB  180 Days (6 months)  *117*16#


Jazz has released a number of 3G/4G gadgets to provide its customers with limitless internet access. The gadgets and bundles are available for purchase both online and through your local Jazz franchise. Jazz 3G/4G bundles may only be subscribed for a month at a time, and all packages are automatically renewed. The gadgets have a memory card reader and may also function as USB devices. Customers may get 10 GB of bandwidth for the entire month for Rs 999 with Jazz’s “Basic Internet Package.” To take advantage of this deal, call *117*71#. Another interesting bundle for 3G/4G device customers is the ‘Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only,’ which includes a monthly data allowance of 30 GB. Dial *117*73# to subscribe to the package, and *117*73*2# to verify the status. With its amazing Mifi and Dongles packages, Jazz, one of Pakistan’s major telecom companies, understands how to attract new consumers while maintaining old ones. You’d never say goodbye to a network if you got fantastic value for your money, would you?


  • What is the contact number of MBB?

The user’s mobile phone number associated with their MBB device is known as the MBB Other Contact Number. This number can be a Jazz or any operator’s mobile phone number, however if customers have a Jazz phone number as their MBB Contact Number, they can utilize USSD Menu *6363# to:

  • Recharge your MBB device.
  • MBB bundles are available for purchase.
  • Check your MBB Bundles’ remaining MBs.
  • What customers qualify for the Bundle Plus Offer?

The Bundle Plus Offer is available to all MBB customers who have a valid prepaid Jazz/Warid number registered as their MBB Contact Number. This deal does not apply to Data SIM cards.