Machine Gun Kelly Opens up About His Shaved Head

Music Video

Things have been getting hairy after Machine Gun Kelly dropped his latest music video.

On Wednesday, Aug. 11, the 31-year-old rocker released the video for “papercuts,” the first single from his forthcoming album “Born With Horns.” The day prior, MGK had teased the release by posting an image of himself with a large tattoo on his shaved head, but the new video revealed he was actually wearing a bald cap and still retained his signature blonde locks.
Fans responded to his video via social media with many praises for his rock-forward sound, but they were also surprised to see that he pulled off a quick one.
“So he never cut his hair then, lol?” We all got baited hard,” one fan tweeted. Another follower wrote,

“We knew you didn’t cut your f—ing hair [skull emoji].”

A different individual posted about the video, “iconic as always [I love you and sparkling heart emojis].” They suggested that Kelly’s bald cap might have made them say “Oh thank God” when they saw it.
Kelly certainly tried his best to fool fans with the bald head tease. It was part of a promotion push for Cole Bennett’s video. Kelly wrote Aug. 10: “I shaved my head for this @_ColeBennett_ papercuts tomorrow 9 pm,”