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Mayim Bialik aka “Amy” tried TikTok aging challenge

Tiktok Challenge

Her days were the most memorable. The Big Bang Theory, actress Mayim Bialik Amy Farrah Fowler, the beloved CBS sitcom that kept people laughing for a decade, was Amy Farrah Fowler. Although she is now moving on to new exciting projects, her sense of humour still makes her fans laugh.

Mayim tested out one of the filters on TikTok that allows users to age before their eyes in a TikTok video. It is evident that Mayim, a Call Me Kat star and Jeopardy! The host immediately regretted trying the bizarre feature.

“Worst trend you’ve ever tried.” Ever ever. Ever. #oldfacefilter,” she captioned the TikTok.

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This is the worst trend you can try. Ever ever. Every. #oldfacefilter

Original sound – Mayim Bialik

Fans couldn’t help laughing when Mayim appeared to leap ahead for a few more years.

“I’m sorry. I was like… Who is this sad, disappointed lady and what filter let it down? Then, I [saw] the name. These lines are lies! One person wrote: Another wrote, “Omg, this is so funny!” Another fan commented, “I like the way you’re trying to hold it in. I LOL’d for you.” “You’re going to be such a sweet meemaw. Lol,” commented a follower.

Many others were inspired by Mayim’s use of the filter and tried it for themselves. However, the actress affirmed that the #oldfacefilter was not something you would want to use often.

“I experienced the same reaction when trying this myself. But, it’s different because I didn’t feel brave enough to share it. “A viewer commented. Another said, “At least you’re different… I don’t look much different.” Another person added, “I refuse to use it.”

Mayim is always there for a hearty, good laugh, whether on TV or not!

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