Netflix Series-“MONEY HEIST” , Final season release in two Instalments.

Money Heist

According to the creator of the series, volume 2 will be a “journey across characters’ sentimental maps that connects us directly with their departure”.

Alex Pina, the creator of money Heist said that “When we started to write Part 5 during the pandemic, it was clear that we needed to make a change to what was expected from the 10-episode seasons and we used every tool to create the feeling of a series finale or season finale in the first volume.” We chose to work in a very aggressive genre and put The Gang on the ropes. Volume 2 focuses more on the characters’ emotional situations. It’s a journey through their sentimental maps that connects us to their departure.

The first two seasons of the series were set in Madrid. They followed The Professor, a mysterious man who recruited eight people to rob Spain’s Royal Mint of Spain. The third and fourth seasons see the recruits forced to hide as they work on a second heist, centered around the Bank of Spain.

Alvaro Morte and Najwa Nimri are the main cast members of the show, along with Pedro Alonso and Itziar Ituno, Esther Acebo and Jaime Lorente.