Netflix’s Beckett, A newest thriller Featuring David Washington


Beckett the newest film starring John David Washington, is on Netflix from August 13, after it premiered at the Locarno Film Festival earlier this month. Beckett is a traditional chase thriller that stars Washington in a political tumult in Greece. It was produced by Luca Guadagnino’s Film Company, Memo Films Production with Rai cinema, and Wise Features.

Beckett is a follower of American tourist Beckett (John David Washington), who is on holiday in Greece along with April (Alicia Vikander). After a terrible accident, disaster strikes. Beckett becomes the victim of a manhunt for reasons that are not known to him. Beckett, who is now running for his life and desperate to clear his name at the American Embassy in Athens, is driven to escape. Beckett seems to be sinking deeper into a web of conspiracy and political tensions.

Ferdinando Cito Filomarino is the director of Beckett. After serving as the second unit director for Luca Guadagnino’s features Call Me By Your Name, and Suspiria,

This is Ferdinando Cito Filomarino’s first English-language movie.

Beckett clearly draws inspiration from the manhunt/chase movie genre. It emulates its tropes with a plot that’s less plausible but still features a strong lead performance.

The plot of the Beckett

Beckett tells the story of a man who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Beckett and April are seen in bed together, apparently after a major fight. She tells Beckett that no matter what, they’re always there for each other. The film’s opening sequence shows the honeymoon phase of their relationship, complete with all the usual clichés. He tells her, “I’m having an attack on my love,” as they gaze into each other’s eyes. They clearly are in love. It is a love that feels doomed when she says that no one knows where they are. The two American tourists, who were visiting Greece to avoid a large demonstration in Athens, have ventured into the Grecian countryside.

After a car accident, their sexy romance is cut short. Beckett witnesses a young boy being pulled away from a house by a woman while he calls for help. Beckett makes an innocent error and tells a policeman about what he saw in the house. Beckett, in grief, returns to the site of the accident to end the rest of his life. However, a woman shoots at him. Beckett ran for his life, forgetting the reason he had made it to the house. Soon, the woman is joined by Panos Koronis, a policeman. They begin to chase Beckett across the Grecian countryside and brutalize anyone they come in contact with. Beckett believes that the only way to safety is to get to Athens American Embassy.

Reference: Forbes