Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain’s Venice Red Carpet Appearance Cements Them as Hollywood Icons Until End of Time


There is a good chance that there won’t be a more striking moving image at the Venice Film Festival this year than this video.Oscar IsaacAndJessica ChastainCaptured on Saturday’s red carpet. We offer this magnificent work of cinema in its purest form below. It has a caption that reads “holy crap” from a passionate film critic, and a huge watermark in the middle. Get up and put your tray tables and seat backs down. We are going in.

What is the story behind this 52-second, slowed down Zapruder film of Eros? It has been viewed more than five million times since Sunday morning. Let’s get our bearings.

Chastain was accompanied by Isaac to the premiere of scenes from a marriage. This is a TV series that will debut on HBO September 12. The Venice Film Festival screened all five episodes (just shy of five hours), so anyone willing to sit for that long in a theater is certainly deserving of a special pre-show spectacle like this.


Scenes from a Marriage may sound familiar. It’s based upon a 1974 provocative TV series written and directed By Ingmar Bergman. Later, it was shortened and made theatrically. It became a huge success in America. The abridged version, which is only two hours and forty-nine mins, can be streamed on HBO Max. The Criterion Channel offers all six episodes of complex matrimonial distress, each lasting 50 minutes.

The new Isaac-Chastain version has been adapted byHagai LeviIsraeli producer, director and writer. He is most well-known for the creation of the series.In Treatment. Levi said this to me in a soon to be-ran interview.V.F.Isaac, Chastain and Chastain have been close friends since childhood.JuilliardDuring the pandemic-era shoot at Mount Vernon Soundstage, New York,,, kept it light by sharing their “private jokes” on set. Other images show this same comfort.ScenesRed carpet

It’s not the only video that’s had the greatest impact. Some film scholars pointed out, however, that Chastain has held Isaac’s hand before in the 2014 documentaryJ.C. ChandorFilmAn incredibly violent year. (The right image is an alternative angle to the red carpet.