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PTCL Internet Packages

PTCL Internet Packages

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) does not require introductions. PTCL is the country’s largest telecommunications firm and has the largest Internet link network

PTCL was once a national supplier. However, now PTCL only has 62 percent of Pakistan’s share and Etisalat owns 26 percent. PTCL generated over $3.4 billion in revenue. Now foreign broadband providers have also made their way to the county.

PTCL is a favorite telecommunication company of the majority because it offers high internet speeds, fair data rates, and upload and downloads are unlimited. Smart TVs are also available. If you haven’t heard, PTCL is the largest Internet broadband access company in the country. They offer amazing Internet packs. We wanted to talk in detail about PTCL Internet plans.

Most favorable and Reasonable Internet Packages


According to reports from 2018, PCL had 105,000 customers per year in Pakistan according to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority survey. This is a significant number and something to be proud of for one brand. It was a clear winner, with 2.4million users now under the belt of PTCL. This is in addition to the total of 2.6million local line subscribers.

If someone subscribing to Ufone calls packages one will earn some PTCL-free minutes. There are many benefits of having PTCL internet packages some are as follows:

PTCL Benefits


  • Access the internet instantly with a click
  • Video streaming uninterrupted and fast downloads.
  • You have access to the most recent information and knowledge sources.
  • Access to HD multimedia resources via the internet



PTCL Broadband Packages Prices (DSL & GPON), Based on Internet Speed


Monthly Limit Volume Price / Charges Smart tv
Up to 6 Mbps Unlimited Rs.1799 525
Up to 8 Mbps Unlimited Rs.2249 free
Up to 15 Mbps Unlimited Rs.2749 free
Up to 25 Mbps Unlimited Rs.3299 free
Up to 50 Mbps Unlimited Rs.5099 free
Up to 100 Mbps Unlimited Rs.7599 free


Broadband Starter Packages

  • 1 Mbps starter package Rs. 599

Subscribe 1 Mbps just in Rs. 599 and you will get 2 Mbps internet speed with 10 GB downloading.

  • 2 Mbps starter package Rs. 750

Subscribe 2 Mbps just in Rs. 750 and you will get 4 Mbps internet speed with 15 GB downloading.


Broadband Unlimited Packages

4 Mbps internet Package

In this package, you can get 4 Mbps internet speed and unlimited downloading by paying Rs.1700

6 Mbps internet Package

In this package, you can get 6 Mbps internet speed and unlimited downloading by paying Rs.1799. you can also get a subscription to smart TV by paying only Rs.525.


8 Mbps internet Package

You can activate 8 Mbps internet speed for Rs.2249 only. Get 8 Mbps internet speed and unlimited downloading by activating the Rs.2249 plan. This bundle offers unlimited landline minutes and 100 Ufone minutes. You will also receive a Freedom Unlimited Bundle as well as a free Smart TV.

15 Mbps internet Package

You can get 15 Mbps internet speed for as low as Rs.2749. Get 15 Mbps internet speed and unlimited downloading with Smart TV, you can also get unlimited freedom packages and minutes.

25Mbps internet Package

Activate 25 Mbps internet speed for as low as Rs.3299. Get 25 Mbps internet speed and unlimited downloading with Free Smart TV, you can also get unlimited freedom packages.

50 Mbps internet Package

Subscribe to 50 Mbps internet speed for as low as Rs.5099. Get 50 Mbps internet speed and unlimited downloading by paying Rs. 5099 With Smart TV, you can also get unlimited freedom packages.

100 Mbps internet Package

In this package, you can get 100 Mbps internet speed for as low as Rs.7599. Get 15 Mbps internet speed and unlimited downloading for only 7599 rupees With Free Smart TV, you can also get unlimited freedom packages.

Only a one-time activation fee of Rs.500 is required for the above-mentioned packages.

Smart TV PTCL Packages


PTCL Smart TV, Pakistan’s first digital TV service, offers over 120 channels and more than 12000 hours’ worth of entertainment content. It is currently available in over 150 cities across the country.

You can also request a video on rental service from PTCL. You can either rent a movie for Rs.25, 50, or 100 per month, or you can subscribe to movie bundles starting at Rs.100 to R.239 per monthly.


Smart TV PTCL Price Features
Smart TV Regular Packages Rs. 525 Smart TV App, TV On Demand, Record, Rewind TV, & Parental Lock



How do I subscribe to PTCL Internet Packages?


For subscribing you can Call 1218 to activate any of the offers or visit the nearest PTCL Shop/PTCL Distributor.

Subscription Charges

The company offers up to 20Mbps ADSL, 50Mbps VDSL and 100Mbps GPON fiber connections. You will need to pay a deposit if you are new to PTCL Rs.2499 for installation. Installment charges for a new Dsl connection to your existing landline will be Rs. 2499 plus taxes.

Dual play (Landline & Internet), or triple play (Landline Internet & Smart TV), subscription charges are Rs.5000, with taxes. These are one-time fees and are not to be repeated.

PTCL GPON Installation Charges


  • Installation fees for GPON’s new fiber-to-home connection are PKR 15,000.
  • Conversion fees of new copper connections to GPON will cost PKR 7,500.
  • The price of copper to GPON is Rs. 3500.

PTCL EVO/Charji Packages


Although it may not be the most secure Internet connection, over the years it has proven its worth. From a broadband connection to EVO, Charji, and PTCL DSL, the service curve has risen. The packages and applications can be tailored to meet the needs of customers with different target markets and segmentation approaches.

PTCL discontinued Evo. Only wireless broadband bundles are available for faster Charji 4GLTE internet services. There are currently no Evo PTCL bundles.

You can get 20GB, 30GB and 50GB in Rs1000, 1200 and 1500 respectively.

Unlimited Charji PTCL Package is available at Rs.1999 per Month with no hidden fees. All taxes are included. Find other Charji packages here.


20GB Rs.1000 1 Month
30GB Rs.1250 1 Month
50GB Rs.1500 1 Month
Unlimited* Rs.1999 1 Month



Support for PTCL customers


PTCL provides excellent customer service to its customers. People have heard that PTCL customer service is terrible and takes weeks to resolve issues. This is completely false. To report any issue with the internet, you should call 1218. If the issue persists after 2 days, the PTCL team will visit the location to resolve it.


How do you install a new PTCL?

Call 1218 to order a new PTCL connection or visit the PTCL website. After payment has been verified, the customer will be charged for the installation fees.

What are the installation costs?

Installation cost includes 5000 tax.

Is it possible to access PTCL via wifi?

Yes, it provides Wifi through wireless routers.

What is the time it takes for PTCL to provide broadband services at home?

It can take approximately 4-5 days to offer broadband services at your home.

Is it possible to transfer broadband service from one place to the next?

Yes, you can call the helpline at 1218 to confirm the location.