Rihanna flaunts about Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty

The singer and newly designated billionaire shared a video montage Monday on her verified social media accounts of other celebs declaring how good she smells.

When asked, “What is your favourite smell?” To kick off the video that runs more than a minute, Lil Nas X responds unflinchingly to “Rihanna”.

The rest of the stars, including Cardi B and Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Seacrest, Jim Parsons, and Ryan Seacrest, rave about Rihanna. She smells like heaven.

The video looks to be curated from a 2019 Twitter thread about her sweet smell.
In 2016, Rihanna’s friend revealed to her in a video, “He’s telling them?” It’s a surprise! It’s a secret!
She now has her choice of scents. Recently, she announced the launch of her Fenty perfume.