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Sky Glass: No fuss smart TV is launching by Comcast’s Sky


British broadcaster, Pay-TV provider Sky on Thursday unveiled the launch of a streaming TV, which incorporates the functionality of a set-top box in the device and connects via Wi-Fi instead of requiring a satellite dish.

Expert Opinions

Group chief executive Dana Strong said: “Sky Glass is the streaming TV with Sky inside, providing the total integration of hardware, software, and content”


He also added: “We believe this is the smartest TV available.”


Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts said in an interview with Sky News that aired on Thursday that it was an “offensive” move. He also said: Sky Glass is “all the technology that Comcast and Sky have been working on for over a decade”

He added: “All the wires are gone. All the boxes are gone. You can talk to it. It tells you what you want to see. It shows it to you right away. You can switch from music to exercise to television to the news.”

Independent technology analyst Paulo Pescatore said: “By not having a satellite dish, you lower costs and increase margins”

Sky Glass TV Features

  • The device will enable users access to Sky TV and other content on the internet, without the need of a Sky Q satellite dish or set-top boxes. Satellite dish Sky said.
  • It will require the purchase of a Sky subscription. If someone decides to stop their Sky subscription following the purchase of the TV, they’ll be able to access the TV however they’ll lose certain of the most advanced options, like music control and voice control.
  • This TV is released shortly after the introduction of Apple TV and the Amazon Fire dongle, is available in three colors, and five sizes including small 43 inches medium 55 inches, as well as big 65 inches.
  • Other services like Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Peloton, and Spotify are also accessible via the television, Sky said.
  • Sky Glass Sky Glass, which can be activated through the words “Hello Sky,” has the capability of displaying a four-inch Ultra HD screen that shows more than 1 billion colors, the company claimed.
  • A brand new smart camera in 4K is scheduled to be released to Sky Glass by 2022. The camera allows gaming, chat, and fitness.

Sky hasn’t yet announced the hardware companies that will create the device. It’s also not clear what it intends to do for streaming its contents on the web, without lags or buffering.