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Tech Ideas to Improve your Trade Show Booth

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Trade Conference producers want to get the best return on their investment, so they provide various services to their exhibitors. The choice to use these services is based on the display you choose and your trade show display requirements.

Today, technology for trade shows is an essential element of exhibits and displays. The use of technology is correct from show registration to guide the management following the event—all the way to. This is because of new developments and the unique demands of exhibitors. There are many equipment rental companies which provide different technology equipment (like Laptops, iPad rentals for event, etc) to make the Booth noticeable.

For all events, the use of technology can make an enormous impact on your booth. By utilizing this feature, your booth can be isolated effortlessly from other booths. The component is essential in creating a memorable experience at events from touch screens, devices, monitors, or displays.

One of the main reasons why people go to trade shows is to discover something new. You can profit from this by educating people on your stand. It is important to remember that although people are eager to be educated, they do not want to do it formally; therefore, your lessons should be entertaining. One of the most effective methods to make learning fun is to make the learning experience engaging.


It’s true that gamification is a massive hit in the field of trade shows. It’s because people love to entertain themselves and if they learn about your product by playing then that’s great too. So, make your trade show’s technology booth engaging and add some gamification elements to inform and entertain attendees on your next trade exhibition.

To make the game enjoyable and worthwhile, offer prizes to the best winners naturally so that the rewards are personalized with your company’s logo. This will promote your company and give profit in the long term.

Giant Smartphones

The massive Smartphone is ideal for trade shows and other events. Everyone is familiar with smartphones, so engagement with customers is high. Everyone is aware of how to use the device, and it’s ideal for showing off the latest apps or to have PDFs of your company’s information readily accessible. You can also play your favourite games on your Smartphone with a giant screen!

The great thing is that you don’t have to purchase a Smartphone. Instead, you can rent it like iPad rentals and load it with your content.

Video Wall

It can be challenging to attract the interest of clients and guests. Video Walls can help. In comparison to regular fabric or live trade show walls, video walls offer a visually stimulating experience. Furthermore, the wall is visible from a distance of a few meters, and the moving images can be more effective at grabbing people’s attention.

These massive, high-resolution, large-scale digital displays leave an impression that is hard to miss. Video Walls can be a fantastic backdrop for many areas.

Artificial Intelligence Program

Apart from smartphones, Artificial intelligence programs are now a regular part of the lives of people. From smartphones, work to their homes, most people have at least one artificially intelligent gadget. You can invest in what’s hot and incorporate it into your event or trade show.

From Siri to Alexa to Cortana and, now, Google Assistant, the device apps can help improve the efficiency of your staff. Use this technology in conjunction with your presentations. This lets you access figures, statistics, and knowledge within a matter of seconds and tailors the presentation to a particular audience.

Virtual Reality

The introduction of technology platforms that use virtual reality lets users switch from a physical environment into an online environment, allowing users to focus exclusively on the experience offered by the service or product by completely removing all distractions and noises that are in the background.

The purpose behind using VR is to draw an audience for the booth at trade shows and engage the attendees and provide them with an engaging experience.

Cell Phones Charging Point

Customers can set their phones on the floor while they have an exchange with you about your services or products. It’s not just an easy setup for them, but also, you’ll be able to communicate and interact with your customers.

Charging stations don’t just increase traffic to your booth. However, they also give customers a reason to stay longer. This provides you with the chance to take a higher number of leads. And leads to similar sales conversions

In conclusion, each service the trade show offers to exhibitors is an additional opportunity for organizers to boost their profits. The amount you spend on your trade show booth must be selected to maximize your profits and make the most out of your investment in a trade show.