Zara Naeem

Zara Naeem Dar has made a world record of topping among five lac and twenty seven thousand students of 179 countries doing ACCA and has aced the ACCA’s Financial Reporting Program (FRP) so far.

Muhammad Rashid, a martial artist set a new record of crashing most drink cans in the Guinness book of world records. Besides, he has crushed 77 full cans with his elbow in just one minute.

Junaid Tariq is the only Pakistani Digital Marketer who has got national level award in the field of Digital Marketing with his extensive experience in Top Notch Pakistani & International corporate clients. He is also the author of the Book Most Wanted Digital Marketer also has been nominated in Global Top 10 Digital Marketers by multiple international magazines. He is also certified from Google, Facebook & Harvard.

Saad Hamid is a Digital evangelist on a pursuit to empower communities and build ecosystems with ideas, knowledge, skills and technology. He is also a community specialist at google and an online educator on the topic of wordpress and web development.

Hisham Sarwar (Master of Business Administration (MBA)) Hisham Sarwar, a seasoned freelancer has always been known to be an independent thinker and a risk-taker, proving his vision time and again. Infomist, his brainchild, was established at the time when not many had foreseen the demand for website development.

Natalia Najam the Lahore-based science enthusiast, achieved the Guinness World Records title after arranging all elements of the periodic chart in just 2 minutes and 42 seconds on July 18, 2020. She broke the previous record by 7 seconds.

Zafar Gill set new weight lifting records. He carried 65 kilograms with the help of a cord attached to his right ear. Although he lifted it 10 cm off the ground for just seven seconds, he has to use a special head wear that protected his temple and ear from damage. He pulled off such a dangerous stunt with a nonchalance that made it look deceptively easy.

Ali Moeen Nawazish is 18-year-old boy genius who took the long list of exams within 12-months netting himself 22 A grades, one B and one C, alongside a world record!

Sumail Hassan Syed is the youngest player to surpass one million dollar income from certain gaming tournaments. Furthermore, he has won numerous international “Dota2″ competitions and is known for his Guinness world record.

Zainab Bibi, a student of M. Phil, at University of engineering and technology, Lahore has made an incredible invention by converting waste material paper tissue into bio ethanol. Zainab believes that it is possible to make large quantity of petrol for commercial purposes.

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