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The term “influencer” is more complex than you might think. The truly influential people are those who have a considerable impact on their chosen niche. They are the ones that their audience looks up to for this purpose. Influencers have a huge following, are powerful influencers, and can be trusted to make people more interested in science and technology.

What could these influencers do to win over their followers’ hearts? People who have a positive impact on our lives are people we admire and follow. These people have had a profound effect on our lives through technology.

Technocrats and industrialists are making a difference in our lives and society. This is the 21st Century. These are the ten most influential tech people today:

1. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Co-Founder

Mark Zuckerberg is the Chief Executive Officer and founder at Facebook. He has over 105 million followers on his platform and an even more enormous following on Instagram.

Facebook is one of the few technology companies that has grown steadily, despite setbacks and hurdles. With the increasing population around the globe, Facebook’s user base grows. Facebook is accessible to all generations, from millennials to Gen X.

Zuckerberg created to address rural issues and improve connectivity. It is a partnership that delivers the Internet to rural and remote areas around the globe. Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, his wife, invested in Andela to train future engineers using the most recent technology.

Zuckerberg has donated billions to fund a group of researchers who work to eradicate deadly diseases that are common and affect millions of people every year.

Facebook, the platform of the business magnate, uses some of the most powerful algorithms and conducts research in Artificial Intelligence and related fields. With this, the 34-year-old American technologist-entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg, manages to grab the number-one spot on our list.

2. Elon Musk: The Spaceman

South-African-American business Mogul, investor, engineer, and creator of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and others, Elon Musk, has a significant following on social media, especially Twitter, where the former talks about his cars, rockets, inventions, and other things that matter. Musk plans to bring fully electric, self-driving vehicles to the planet. He also hopes to send the first human colony to Mars.

Elon Musk is known as “a man with many goals” who envisioned “the future for humanity.” Musk’s missions drive him to achieve things that are beyond his imaginations. SpaceX was the first to develop a reusable rocket. PayPal, his co-founding enterprise, is still one of the most critical global banking and payment technologies.

Musk has many valuable followers on numerous social media platforms. Musk’s do-or-die attitude inspires tech-savants and business mavens as well as scientists and engineers.

Elon Musk is a tech billionaire who rose from the ashes. He was bullied in school and became one of the most influential people in the tech industry. His innovative mind and wild views will keep him happy until humanity colonizes Mars. The world must wait and see his next move.

3. Kara Swisher: Co-Founder of Recode

Kara Swisher, an American journalist in technology and business, has gained an excellent reputation in Silicon Valley. Swisher is well-known for her reporting style and coverage.

Twitter has an enormous following for Swisher. Swisher writes about technology, politics, and current affairs.

Kara Swisher was a journalist who covered digital feeds in the past for The Wall Street Journal’s San Francisco office. Swisher is a firm believer in feminism and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. This is why people love her on social media.

She stated, for instance, that Facebook had been willfully ignorant of data-breach scandals and attacked its founder for not taking responsibility for user information.

Swisher’s interviews with media and tech giants have had a profound effect on viewers. We ranked Kara Swisher among the top 10 most influential people in tech.

4. Robert Scoble: Technological Advocate

Robert Scoble, an American blogger, author, and tech evangelist, was a star at Microsoft. Scoble is a popular social media user, particularly on Twitter.

Robert blogs about technology and innovation. However, one of his blog posts was controversial, and he was accused of sexual assault by female engineers. Robert apologized and came out of hiding.

Robert is a popular figure in the tech community. According to some publications, Robert is the ambassador of the tech community.

5. Tim O’Reilly: Founder of O’Reilly Media

Tim O’Reilly is the founder of O’Reilly Media and has a large following on Twitter. He is also the one who popularized Open Source software and Web 2.0. Tim is a customer-oriented person who gives value and believes that “Generosity” is the key to prosperity.

Tim is a thought leader and pioneer in the age of technology and the Internet. O’Reilly’s book “What’s The Future and How It’s Up To Us” demonstrates his ability to spot trends in technology. This book explains how technology will disrupt the jobs of workers.

Tim O’Reilly, who has deep industry knowledge, is considered a thought-leader. He opposes the industry’s view of AI as a job-destroying, cost-cutting tool. He believes that AI can be leveraged by improving processes and enhancing human jobs. His books and ideas offer hope for job seekers in a world that has become skeptical about the relationship between automation and employment.

Tim O’Reilly is one of our ten most influential people because of his impact on technology.

6. Linus Sebastian: CEO of Linus Media Group

Linus Sebastian, a Canadian YouTuber, presenter, producer, and founder of Linus Media Group Linus Sebastian boasts more than 5,000,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips. This popular YouTube channel is well-known among avid gamers, hardware professionals, and enthusiasts.

Linus, also known as Sebastian, creates impressive videos that show product reviews, tech tips, and PC build guides. These videos are what have made him an influential figure in the tech world.

Linus began his career in electronic retailers and later worked as a video producer. He keeps things transparent by sharing behind-the-scenes videos of his team’s work.

Linus invites his viewers into his office to discuss the apps, software, and tools he uses. Linus also takes viewers to unique places, like quantum computer labs.

Linus is well aware of the importance of knowing customer views. He uses YouTube social media platforms for that purpose. Linus uses a positive approach to dealing with negative comments and provides objective reviews of the products he uses.

Linus Tech Tips is ranked 7th on YouTube. If his subscribers are interested in purchasing a gadget or fixing a bug, they will watch his videos.

7. Dave Winer: American Software Developer

American software developer, author, and entrepreneur Dave Winer is well-known for his outliners and scripting, content management, and blogging. Dave Winer, Tim Berners-Lee, and Dave Winer are said to be the first to write the history of the Internet.

A holistic techno-insight magazine named Winer one of the top ten technology innovators. Winer, a Harvard Law School researcher, pioneered the creation of weblogs and scripting news. He also founded UserLand Software.

Experts consider Winer to be one of Silicon Valley’s most influential web voices. His deep knowledge inspires engineers and keeps them alert in the changing world of technology.

Winer is well-known on Twitter. His tweets about technology and the blogosphere are well-received.

8. Paul Graham: Computer Scientist

Paul Graham, a pioneer in funding startups early-stage companies with investments, co-founded Y Combinator. Graham is an English entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is also an author and essayist. His Twitter followers are enormous, and he tweets about technology and current affairs.

Robert Morris and Graham founded Viaweb, the first-of-its-kind Application Service Providers (ASP), to allow users to create their Internet shops. Graham’s essays on his personal website are top-rated. His tweets and posts primarily discuss current and future technology trends.

9. Mary Jo Foley: Freelance Technology Writer

Mary Jo Foley, an American journalist, author, news editor, and podcaster, has a large following on Twitter. Foley provides news, previews, and reviews on Microsoft’s technology and strategy.

Foley, an editor of All About Microsoft’s blog, provides updates to the public on the dynamic of Microsoft. Foley has 25 years of technology industry experience and can connect her audience with her work.

Foley spent more than three decades in journalism covering tech news. Her podcast, Windows Weekly, with Leo Laporte & Paul Thurrott, revives the spirit of technology mavens.

Foley interviewed leading figures in the media and tech industries. People love her boldness and intelligence on social media.

Foley’s reviews are a source of excitement for tech savants. This is why she is one of the most influential people in modern technology.

10. Mina Markham: Senior Computer Engineer At Slack

Forbes describes Mina Markham, a “sasstronaut,” front-end architect, and self-taught technologist.” She has explored the darker hues of technology and code by herself, from IBM to Hillary For America.

Mina Markham, who has worked on the Presidential campaign website for several years, plays various roles, including speaker, programmer, and designer. Her website showcases Markham’s design work and vision. Markham is an inspiration to young creative minds that cannot afford college but still want to realize their dreams.

Markham used the Internet to improve her skills. Social media has made Markham the talk of the town as a self-taught programmer.

Markham is a teacher who shares what she knows. This is why so many people want to get in touch with her to expand their knowledge. Her Twitter following is solid. She is also active on social media, discussing technology and programming.

We have listed the top 10 most influential people in technology, ranging from the founding fathers of tech giants to the bastions for innovation, scholars to living legends, and reporters to storytellers.