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Top 5 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2021

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1. Tech Viral
Tech viral is a tech app dedicated to providing the latest tech news, android tricks, PC tutorials, top-list apps, etc.

2. Appy Geek
Well, Appy Geek is made by the same tech enthusiasts behind the Tech Republic – another best tech news app. Talking about the Appy Geek, the app’s interface is pretty amazing, and it gathers tech news from different popular sources. So, it generally gathers popular tech content from all around the world and assigns it to one place. So, Appy Geek is another best tech news apps that you would love to have
3. Feedly
It is an RSS reader app that allows users to subscribe to favorite tech blogs. So, when you open the app next time, you will see the content from the sites you have subscribed to. Feedly makes things a lot easier because you don’t need to open the browser and visit the website to view news as it automatically lists all news that has been recently published by various tech blogs. Apart from that, Feedly also got a dark mode, light mode, and a reader mode, which improves the reading experience.

4. Drippler
Well, Drippler is much different compared to all others listed in the article. The app basically focuses on delivering tips and tricks based on what smartphone you are using. It detects your smartphone and then shows you the most personalized tips and tricks. Apart from that, it also shows the most important and trending tech news topics from around the world.

5. Flipboard
Well, Flipboard is one of the popular sources to view the latest news. Not just technology Flipboard covers almost every category of news. Talking about technology news, the app is filled with a plethora of information and interesting tech articles. So, Flipboard is another best tech news apps that you can install right now.