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Today’s basic requirement is to remain in touch with loved ones via phone calls or SMS. Different telecom carriers in Pakistan offer various packages at various prices. People, on the other hand, are likely to pick packages that meet their demands at a reasonable cost. However, checking all packages becomes tough. Ufone Call Packages are available on a daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. So don’t worry, Phone World always finds a way to satisfy its readers. Ufone’s prepaid and postpaid clients are regularly treated to interesting incentives. As a result, I’ll explain Ufone’s hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly call packages in this post. The page also includes information on prepaid and postpaid packages, as well as information on Ufone’s u-to-u free call packages and Ufone’s call packages to all networks.

Ufone Prepaid Call packages (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Packages Price Package includes Validity USSD
Power Houre 7.17 PKR 60-net minutes+60 SMS+60 MB 1 Houre *99#
3 pe 3 Offer 5 PKR Unlimited mins of Ufone & PTCL 2 Houre *343#
Daily Pakistan Offer 18 PKR 100-net minutes+10 MB 1 Day *888#
Beyhisaab Offer 10 PKR Unlimited On-net Minutes 1 Day *5700#
Asli Chappar Phaar 80 PKR 100 on-net mints+100 SMS+1000 MBs 7 Day *5050#
Weekly Pakistan Offer 100 PKR 700 on-net minutes+100 MBs 7 Day *8888#
Super Card 550 PKR 1200 U2U & PTCL Mins + 180 off net mins +2000 MBs + 4200 SMS 30 Days *250#
Super Card Plus 599 PKR 1000 U2U & PTCL Mins + 150 off net mins +1200 MBs + 4000 SMS 30 Days *240#
Monthly Pakistan Offer 418 PKR 4000-net minutes+400 MB 30 Days *8888#

Ufone Daily Call Packages: Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), often known as Ufone, is a mobile phone service provider in Pakistan. Ufone is a fully owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, which commenced operations in 2001. (PTCL). Due to the privatization of PTCL in 2006, Ufone became a subsidiary of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation Etisalat. It has over 24 million subscribers and has network coverage in over 10,000 places across Pakistan. Ufone offers a variety of cost-effective and incomparable call packages, including both local and international phone calls, at various prices. If you have adequate balance, the daily call packages will be reactivated automatically at 12 p.m. The packages for the next day are automatically re-activated, so there’s no need to re-activate them. The Super 5 Offer is the most popular call plan, which allows you to make unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Another fantastic Ufone call bundle is the Daily Pakistan Offer, which includes unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone as well as unlimited MBs. Ufone continues to introduce new daily call packages with attractive additional benefits such as SMS and internet MBs.

Ufone Weekly Call Packages: Ufone is a well-known telecom company in Pakistan, known for its aggressive and funny marketing strategy that sets it apart from its competitors. In reality, Ufone is one of the few brands in Pakistan to have effectively executed and translated a powerful integrated marketing approach based on comedy. In its early days, the business developed a reputation for creative telecom technology implementation, and over time, it has built up a portfolio of value-added services that have surpassed communication, instead catering to a variety of consumer demands ranging from education to entertainment. Ufone offers a selection of weekly call packages that provide consumers relief for a week without having to worry about recharging or renewing their packages on a daily basis. Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Phar) and Weekly Pakistan are the most popular Ufone Weekly Call Packages. The Power Pack includes 100 On-Net minutes, 100 SMS, and 1000 MBs of internet use. Unlimited On-Net minutes and 100 MBs of internet are included with this weekly Pakistan package.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages: Ufone offers a number of monthly call bundles. The Super Card Package is the most popular deal. The Ufone Super Card Package allows Ufone prepaid users to take advantage of attractive promotions at a reasonable cost. Customers of Ufone may pick from a variety of cleverly designed devices. Ufone Super Card Plus, Ufone Super Card, Ufone Mini Super Card, Ufone Super Recharge Offer, Ufone Super Minutes, and Ufone Super Internet are among the Ufone Super Offers. Customers may choose from a variety of Ufone Super Card packages based on their requirements, convenience, and cost. Ufone Pakistan offers the Ufone Super Card for Rs 520/- per month with a one-month validity; this package includes 1000 MB of mobile internet, 1000 free SMS, 1000 On-Net minutes, and 150 Off-Net minutes. Customers can load Ufone Super Card to subscribe to Ufone Super Card. This offer is also available through ULoad. Ufone Super Card Plus is one of the most popular and fantastic Ufone deals, with 1500 MBs of mobile internet, 4200 free SMS, 1200 On-Net minutes, and 180 Off-Net minutes for just Rs 599/- with a one-month validity. Customers may take advantage of this deal by loading Ufone Super Card Plus or by using ULoad. 

Ufone Other Call Packages: When the name Ufone is mentioned, most people immediately think of youth and young people all around the country. The network has continued to serve clients of all ages despite this. If you like the package, you may re-subscribe or cancel the deal at any time. Customers of Ufone may now take advantage of fantastic offers with the Ufone Mini Super Card deal, which costs just Rs 299 for a period of 15 days. The validity of the Ufone Super Mini Card is 7 days. 300 MBs of mobile internet, 500 free SMS, 500 On-Net minutes, and 75 Off-Net minutes are all included in the plan. Customers may take advantage of this deal by loading a Ufone Mini Super Card worth Rs 299 onto their phone or by using ULoad. Ufone Pakistan offers a Super Recharge Package for Rs 45 with a 3-day validity that includes 100 MBs mobile internet, 300 Free SMS, 300 On-Net minutes, and 10 Off-Net minutes, which is popular among users. This deal may be obtained by calling *300# or by using ULoad. This implies that Ufone’s tagline, “Tum Hi To Ho,” is literally accurate, as all of the offerings are focused on the client.


Ufone other call packages

Packages Price Package includes USSD
Sim Lagao Offer 60 Days Inactive sim 3000 On-net minutes+3000 SMS+3000 MB *5000#
Nayi Sim Double Offer 520 PKR 2000-net minutes+8000 SMS+300 off-net min+2400 MB *141#
Nayi Sim Double Offer 599 PKR 2400-net minutes+8400 SMS+360 off-net min+3000 MB *141#
Nayi Sim Offer New Sim 500-net minutes+500 SMS+25 off-net min+1000 MB *1000#


Ufone post-paid call packages

Ufone also provides Postpay packages to all postpaid clients in addition to prepaid plans. Postpaid clients, on the other hand, may only select monthly packages.

Packages Price Package includes Validity USSD
Prime 300 300 PKR 1000-net minutes+1000 SMS+150 off-net min+500 MB 30 Days Via Helpline
Prime 600 600 PKR 2000-net minutes+2000 SMS+300 off-net min+1000 MB 30 Days Via Helpline
Prime 1000 1000 PKR 5000-net minutes+5000 SMS+500 off-net min+2000 MB 30 Days Via Helpline
Prime 1500 1500 PKR Unlimited on-net mint+7000 SMS+8000 MBs+750 off-net mints 30 Days Via Helpline


Ufone provides its customers with a variety of call bundles to choose from. These days, most individuals use call packages. Some of the promotions are only available through recharge and card bundles. The deals range in price from 5 to 599 rupees. The packages have a month, week, or single-day validity duration. On-Net Minutes, Off-Net Minutes, SMS, and Internet Data are the Network Features for which Ufone provides packages. In most of their packages, all of the call packages include other extras. For an entire day, Ufone’s “Behisaab” promotion provides limitless On-Net Free Minutes. The profitable Ufone 24 Ghantay daily bundle offers 86400 minutes for not only On-Net calls but also Vfone and PTCL calls for only 8.99 rupees. For 80 rupees, Ufone’s “Asli Chappar Phar” deal includes 1 GB of internet data, 100 free SMS, and 100 free On-Net minutes. Ufone Super Recharge Package, Ufone Super Mini Card, Ufone Super Card, and Ufone Super Card plus are the only packages that allow customers to utilize all of the services available, and they cost about 45, 299, 520, and 599 dollars, respectively. The Ufone micro card is unique in that it has a validity period. Free On-Net Minutes and SMS are included in the Pakistan deals, which are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The Ufone network has put in place terms and conditions that will apply to all bundles.


Terms and Conditions for Ufone Call Packages:

  • One subscription will be limited to 100 minutes.
  • The offer is available from the moment of subscription until 11:59 p.m. the same night, or until the free minutes are used up.
  • At 12 a.m., the deal will be automatically renewed (PST)
  • This offer excludes calls to voice buckets, short codes, and NTC numbers.
  • Only use SIMs with Biometric Verification – PTA since your SIM is your identity.