Video of Steve Burns, a Berks native, in ‘Blue’s Clues’ goes viral


Steve Burns, a Berks County native who was once a star on the hit children’s show Blue’s Clues, just wanted to say hello.

A two-minute video of Burns was posted to the Nick Jr. Twitter account on Tuesday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Blue’s Clues. It features Burns reprising his role as host Steve and his famous striped shirt.

More than 22 million people had already viewed the video by Wednesday afternoon.

“It is really humbling to see such a warm response after 25 years of ‘Blue’s Clues,'” the 1992 graduate of Boyertown High School said in a statement provided by Nickelodeon.

From its inception in 1996 to 2000, Burns was a star on the popular children’s program. New episodes starring Burns ran until 2002 on Nick Jr., an offshoot of Nickelodeon aimed at younger viewers.

“Blue’s Clues,” which was hosted by Donovan Patton, continued without Burns until 2006.

The series was relaunched in 2019 as Blue’s Clues & You with Joshua Dela Cruz as host.

Burns stated that it was a special feeling to think that we had created such strong connections. He also said that Josh has opened up a new level of communication with Josh. “Blue couldn’t be in better hands, and I look forward seeing all the amazing places he takes me.”

The video was posted Tuesday by Burns as Steve. It discusses his sudden departure from the hit series.

“Remember when we were young, we used to play with Blue, find clues, talk to Mr. Salt, freak out about the mail, and have all kinds of fun?” In the video, Steve speaks. “And then one morning, I was like, “Oh hey, guess What? It’s big news. “Here’s Joe, your new best friend,” and then I boarded a bus to leave. We didn’t see one another for a while. Let’s just talk about it. That’s great. It was kinda abrupt, I know.

Steve claims that he quit the show to attend college. He says it was challenging but allowed him to use his mind and accomplish things that he had always wanted to.

He also thanked all those who watched “Blue’s Clues.”

He said, “I wanted you to know that I couldn’t have done that without you and that all the help you gave me when we were young is still helping me right now.” That’s really cool.

“I guess I just wanted you to know that even after all these years, you are still my best friend.” He added that he never forgot you. “And I’m super glad we’re still friends.”

Nickelodeon also released Burns’ video and a special music video featuring all three hosts of “Blue’s Clues”.