What are the Symptoms of New Strain Of Corona virus?


The latest information on the South African, Brazilian and UK variant of corona virus ,including if  they’re more deadly and how to respond to vaccine

Viruses which also include Corona virus can change over time. This can lead to different strain of the virus with different characteristics .While there are many different types by changes in the genetic sequence of the virus there might b three main strains which are also known as variants  which is currently circulating more quickly Uk strain South Africa strain and the Brazilian strain are each identified through a different and specific mechanism of mutation. The UK variant of coronavirus is called B.1.1.7. or B117. It was first discovered in Kent in September 2020 and was linked to a sharp increase in cases in the UK. This variant is now a dominant strain in the UK and has spread to over 70 countries.


Many people who get coronavirus don’t have any symptoms, regardless of which strain they have. And there is no single symptom that means that you definitely do or don’t have the virus. So, if you have any concerns that you may have coronavirus, the safest thing to do is self-isolate and get a test.

The new strains of coronavirus share the same key symptoms with the initial strain – including a high temperature, continuous cough, and loss of sense of taste or smell.

The common symptoms that were reported for the UK strain are similar to other variants – for example, fatigue(32% of people with the UK variant), muscle aches(25%), a fever (21%) or sore throat (21%). These levels of symptoms are similar to the levels seen with other strains.

Loss of taste or loss of sense of smell is slightly less common for people with the new UK strain – 15% of people with the UK strain report either of these symptoms, compared to 18% of people with other strains.