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What is an IP Address? – How it is Used and Why You Should Never Surf the Web With One


What is an IP address? You may be familiar with this term but what does it actually mean? If you have ever surfed the internet, you would have noticed that your IP address is being displayed to you when you access any of the sites you visit. An IP address is a numerical representation of a certain computer, which is unique to only that particular computer.

There are several things that mark an IP address as being registered on the internet. The first thing is when you log on to the internet, you will be provided with a unique numerical representation of yourself. This is known as the internet protocol address or IP address. The other thing that marks you as being on the internet is when you connect to a wireless network. The wireless network’s name will be replaced by the IP address.

What is an IP address and why do you need it? As we all know, there are many risks that can be posed to an individual when they surf the internet. One of these risks is when an internet service provider or internet user sends out their personal data like credit card number, bank account number and others. And once these personal data gets into the wrong hands; it can pose severe damage on the cyber criminals who have gained access to it.

It is important for every user to ensure the protection of their data especially their personal information. But many times, people don’t pay attention to these risks while they are online. This is where these hackers make use of the internet as a medium to wreak havoc on our systems. It is for this reason why every time we log on to the internet, we should ensure that we have a unique IP address that is different from our other IP addresses.

So, what is an IP address, and how does this affect me? If I have just recently been surfing on the internet and my IP address has been marked with a malicious IP address, what would happen? Well, you’ll realize sooner or later that your personal data would become extremely vulnerable to hackers. Once the hackers gain access to your computer, they can quickly hack into your files, folders and emails. Hence, you have to make sure that your IP address is secured at all times so your internet usage is free from any risk.

You may ask how you can ensure that your IP address is always protected. You have to remember that every time you log onto the internet you are leaving behind packets of data. And any hacker who has got their hands on this data can quickly analyze and break your security. So, it is always safe to go online using a shared IP address rather than a static IP address. So, whenever you are going online you can rest assured that your data will remain safe.

There is another thing to note about shared IP addresses and that is the fact that they are provided by most of the internet service providers (ISP). Hence, when you log on to the internet, your IP address is automatically translated into the numerical representation of the computer’s IP address. Hence, whenever you browse the web, no one else will know that you are actually using a shared IP address. However, this may not always be the case as some ISPs do mask your IP addresses.

Hence, in order to get more information about what is an IP address and why you should never surf the web using a shared IP address, you need to surf the web using an IP address that has been given to you by your internet service provider. You can then check out this information on the web to find out if your IP address has been hijacked. However, always be careful as there are many sites that try to con you into giving out your personal data. Hence, always use a paid site to learn what is an IP address and what are IP changing tools.