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Windows 11 would be releasing sooner than you expected!

Windows 11 would be releasing sooner than you expected!

Microsoft’s Windows 11 beta is available now. The full release will occur later in the year.

Microsoft claimed that Windows 11 would begin rolling out around the 2021 holidays. However, there are some indications that it might arrive sooner.

Nearly six years from the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has finally exposed the Windows 11 operating system, including a cleaner, more Mac-like design and a bunch of new features. Agreeing to a Microsoft blog post, Windows 11 will be available for free to prevailing Windows users in the 2021 holiday season. New clues suggest that the update could land sooner than expected.

The post said that the free upgrade will begin to roll out to eligible Windows 10 PCs around the holidays (which would suggest November or December) and will continue into 2022. There was no specific date. However, it seems that Microsoft and laptop retailers might be hinting at an earlier release: October.

A message from Microsoft Teams appeared on the screen during the Windows 11 unveil event. It said, “Excited to turn the system up to 11… Can’t wait until October!” And many press images for Windows 11 include a date of Oct. 20 in the taskbar, The Verge noted. Walmart lists a “free upgrade to Windows October 2021” for particular laptops on its website.

Microsoft denied that it had any information to share about October hints.

You can get the Windows 11 Insider Preview to build right now if you cannot wait for the final release.

You should update to Windows 10 now to get your computer ready for Windows 11.

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