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Zong, a Chinese telecom provider in Pakistan, is expanding its social packages to better serve its customers. It provides a variety of options, including some extremely low-cost WhatsApp ones. If you’re a Zong customer searching for the finest WhatsApp deals, we’ve got all you need to know about Zong WhatsApp Packages right here. This post is written specifically for Zong users who use WhatsApp virtually all the time and run into issues when their internet connection goes down. This page covers all the detail patterns for Zong Daily WhatsApp Packages, Zong Weekly WhatsApp Packages, and Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages.

If you want to stay in touch with your friends and family, WhatsApp has become an unmatched social network. Other platforms that compete with WhatsApp include Facebook, Twitter, and Line, among others. However, WhatsApp is mostly used by users to share unforgettable experiences, send/receive SMS, and send/receive audio/video files. So, with all the expectations of users in mind, every telecom provider in Pakistan attempts to give the finest WhatsApp packages to make things easier for clients. For its post-paid and prepaid customers, Zong also provides several very convenient WhatsApp bundles.

ZONG Daily, Weekly, and Monthly WhatsApp Bundles:

Are you looking for the Zong WhatsApp Packages activation code or procedure? Then you’ve come to the correct place. Because we have access to the most up-to-date mobile packages and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We give comprehensive details on this page as soon as a new social or any package is released. On this page, you’ll learn how to sign up for zong’s monthly WhatsApp packages.

Simply call *247# to subscribe to the Zong WhatsApp Package and experience all of WhatsApp’s features anywhere on Pakistan’s largest 4G Zong network. Zong customers may use all of WhatsApp’s services for PKR 59 (Load Price) by dialling *247# at the same time. This plan includes all WhatsApp capabilities, including message chatting, video and voice calling.

As a result, every telecom operator in Pakistan is attempting to provide the finest WhatsApp packages to make consumers’ lives simpler. For both post-paid and prepaid customers, Zong provides a useful WhatsApp feature. I’ve divided them into daily and monthly bundles.

Prepaid and Post-paid users will now benefit from Zong WhatsApp Packages, which give 4 GB of Internet data. For this bargain, all you must do is phone *247# for just Rs. 25/-. Customers may make calls to any network simply utilising the app.

WhatsApp has become an inescapable social network for staying in touch with friends and family. Other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Line, are also popular. However, consumers mostly use WhatsApp to share special occasions, send and receive SMS, and send and receive audio/video files.

Zong was the first to offer 4G in Pakistan, and they’ve been delivering excellent internet service ever since. Some of us like to use our mobile data to read or stream material, while others may simply want to interact with friends and family on social media. The latter group might take advantage of the low-cost Zong WhatsApp Packages for a day, a week, or a month.

In 2021, Zong will provide WhatsApp packages and bundles.

We’ve included all the Zong WhatsApp Packages & Bundles below, together with their price, length, membership code, and other pertinent information.

Monthly WhatsApp Packages from Zong

Having a WhatsApp monthly plan is usually useful if we run out of data on our super card. We may simply subscribe to a Zong monthly WhatsApp plan to stay connected with friends and family both locally and internationally.

Zong WhatsApp Monthly Package 4 GB Data for WhatsApp Rs.38 Rs.50 1 Month To Subscribe, Dial = *247# To check remaining data Dial *102#
Zong WhatsApp and SMS Package Monthly 30 MB/day for 1 Month 500 SMS/day for 1 Month Rs. 50 Rs. 66 1 Month To Subscribe, Dial *705# To unsubscribe, send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700

The monthly Zong WhatsApp plan bundle shown below allows you to utilise all of WhatsApp’s services, including messages, WhatsApp Calls (both voice and video), and media sharing, all for a very cheap fee. The Zong monthly WhatsApp package code and other information may be found below.

To subscribe to the Zong Monthly WhatsApp box in 2021, use this 100% working code. You can get 4GB of WhatsApp data for only Rs. 38. Any WhatsApp function, including Voice and Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Photo/Video/File Sharing, and Voice and Video Calling, is available to you.

Weekly WhatsApp Package from Zong

With a minimum recharge of less than rupees 30, you may obtain 1500 SMS and 200 MBs for WhatsApp to use over the course of seven days. The specifics of the Zong weekly WhatsApp bundle / WhatsApp pkg are shown below.

Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly 200 MB Data for WhatsApp & 1500 SMS Rs.21 Rs. 28 7 Days To Subscribe, Dial = *702# Or send < sub> to 700 and reply with 2.

To Unsubscribe Send ‘unsubscribe’ to 700

Daily WhatsApp Package from Zong

You could wish to activate WhatsApp for just one day in case you need it right away or if your Internet Package expires. For a single day, this package includes WhatsApp data as well as SMS. The following are the specifics.

Zong Daily WhatsApp Package 30 MB Data for WhatsApp, 1 MB Internet & 500 SMS     Rs.5        Rs. 7        1 Day To Subscribe, Dial = *700# Or send < sub>

 to 700 and reply with 1. To 

Unsubscribe Send ‘unsubscribe’ to 700


ZONG Facebook Packages are available on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis

If you’re looking for the most recent Zong Facebook packages, you’ve come to the correct spot. This page will be updated on a regular basis by MobileHQ, so check back often.

We’ll speak about Zong’s monthly, weekly, and daily Facebook packages in this post. We’ll also learn how to utilise Facebook for free with your Zong 4G SIM.

We’ve also addressed some of your concerns. However, if there is something we’ve overlooked, please let us know in the comments section below. Let’s get this party started.

Monthly Zong Facebook Package

Telecom firms have stepped forward to meet the requirements of their consumers with the emergence of social media. And Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networking sites. That’s why Zong provides a fantastic monthly bundle for effortlessly utilising Facebook.

6GB Rs.100 *250#


Yes, you may use all of Facebook’s services at Rs.100 per month, including 6GB of data. The price includes taxes, and a balanced load of Rs.100 is required. *250# is the subscription code for Zong’s monthly Facebook package.

Weekly Zong Facebook Package

Unfortunately, there is no weekly Zong Facebook bundle available. Other Zong internet weekly packages are available here. Perhaps it’s because you can use Facebook for a fair monthly fee of Rs.100.

There are no Zong Facebook packages available for 3 or 15 days. If you think Zong should provide a 3-day, 15-day, or weekly Facebook bundle, leave a comment below.

Facebook Package by Zong Daily

Zong provides a daily Facebook package for Rs.5 inclusive of taxes for the full day. It implies you may get the bundle provided you have Rs.5 in your account. To get 500MB of data for Facebook, use the code *32# to subscribe to this bundle.

Rs.100 6GB *32#


We recommend the Zong Social Pack since it includes data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. For a one-day validity, an all-in-one social bundle costs only Rs.10. To subscribe to the package, dial *6464#.

Free Facebook Service from Zong

Zong provides the Facebook Flex service, which allows you to use Facebook for free with no credit card required. For Android or iOS devices, there is a light-switch toggle button. Simply switch from Data Mode to Free Mode on Facebook or on your browser.

You may use this Zong Facebook free service to publish status updates, reply to postings, and comment on them. Check-ins, friend requests, and conversation are all available for free. Yes, you do not need to be a Facebook Flex subscriber. You’re already a member!

All Social Packages from Zong

Daily Facebook 500MB Rs.5 Rs.5 *32# 1 Day
Social Pack
(FB, WhatsApp & Twitter)
100 MB Rs.10 Rs.12 *6464# 1 Day
Classified Pack 50MB Rs.5 Rs.6 *6464# 1 Day
YouTube Weekly 8GB Rs.135 Rs.135 *570# 1 Week
IMO Monthly 2GB Rs.50 Rs.50 *466# 1 Month
WhatsApp Offer 4GB Rs.50 Rs.50 *247# 1 Month
Facebook Monthly 6GB Rs.100 Rs.100 *250# 1 Month


Package for Facebook Messenger by Zong

On a Zong 4G SIM, you may use Facebook Messenger for free. You may do everything from chatting to exchanging photographs with your friends and family. However, you will not be able to call for free. Subscribe to other Zong internet packages if you want to make a video or phone call.

And no, there isn’t a free Zong Facebook Messenger code. If you are a Zong client, all you must do is start using Facebook Messenger for free.